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Current Friendly NPCs aboard the Wormwood

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Skull and Shackles Player’s Guide

Sandara (NG female human): a cleric of Besmara always seen with her tricorn hat and holy symbol; job: Ships Doctor

Barefoot Samms Toppin (CG female human): a former fisherwoman from the Sodden Lands who never wears shoes; job: rigger;

Giffer Tibbs (NG female gnome): a bedraggled gnome with one eye; job: swab;

Jack Scrimshaw (N male human): a young lad talented at scrimshaw; job: swab;

“Ratline” Rattsberger (N male half ling): a rat-faced half ling with long arms and three missing fingers; job: rigger;

Tilly Brackett (N female human): a tough joker who likes her rum; job: swab;

“Badger” Medlar (N female half-elf ): an older woman who shaves her gray hair into stripes; job: swab;

Cut-Throat Grok (N female ogre): Although not entirely on friendly terms with each member of the group, she has a certain fondness for Joka… (Update Session 2: Now friendly to the whole group)

Shivikah (N female human): a very tall Mwangi exslaver; job: swab;

Rosie Cusswell (CN female halfling) loves food, drink, and tall tales; anyone who provides her with them gains a +2 bonus on all checks made to influence her

Conchobhar Turlach Shortstone (CN Male Gnome) been on the ship less than 24 hours before you guys; Womanizer, Female characters gain a +2 bonus on all checks made to influence him.

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