Slotless Stat Tattoos

In order for me to keep track of what tattoo’s you are currently using and which ones you still need / want, please list the tattoo’s and the bonuses they are granting you under the traits location on your character sheet. It is easier for me to keep track of where you are compared to the group and the campaign.

Below is an example of what I am referring to;


This session you will receive your special gift from Captain Barbatos, and he will imbue each of you with a special set of tattoos of your choice. There are 9 total, each representing the slot or stat you increase (but does not necessarily need to be in the same location as the replaced item). Below are the slots and an example of a tattoo that represents it.

Note on Belts and Headbands: You can increase each of the bonuses as if you were buying the belt/Headband associated with it. So if you spend 4000 gold on a “Tattoo of Giant Strength” and 16,000 gold on a “Tattoo of Incredible Dexterity”, you will have a +2 Enhancement Bonus to Strength and a +4 Enhancement Bonus to Dexterity.

This slot is for the following items only:
- Belt of Giant Strength (+2) (+4) (+6)
- Belt of Incredible Dexterity (+2) (+4) (+6)
- Belt of Mighty Constitution (+2) (+4) (+6)

Example: A tattoo of a Bear, faintly glowing red 
and granting a +2 Enhancement bonus to Strength


This slot is for the following items only:
- Headband of alluring charisma (+2) (+4) (+6)
- Headband of inspired wisdom (+2) (+4) (+6)
- Headband of vast intelligence (+2) (+4) (+6)

Example: A tattoo of a Fox, faintly glowing orange 
and granting a +2 Enhancement Bonus to Charisma


This slot is for the following items only:
- Cloak of Resistance (+1) (+2) (+3) (+4) (+5)

Example: A tattoo of a Flag in the wind, glowing 
moderately and granting a +3 Resistance Bonus 
to all saves.


This slot is for the following items only:
- Amulet of Natural Armor (+1) (+2) (+3) (+4) (+5)

Example: A tattoo of Barbed Wire around your 
neck solid black and granting a +2 Enhancement 
Bonus to Natural Armor


This slot is for the following items only:
- Ring of Protection (+1) (+2) (+3) (+4) (+5)

Example: A tattoo of a plain circle on the palm 
of your hand, glowing blue and providing a 
Deflection Bonus of +4 to your AC.


Q: Can I increase the enhancement bonus of my Tattoo of Giant Strength from a +2 to a +4 by spending 12,000 gold?
A: Yes, the ruling for increasing the bonus stays the same, regardless of the item.

Q: Since there is no physical “Belt” or “Headband” or “Cloak” we need for the item, does it cost less for the Tattoos?
A: For simplicity, the answer is No. I am using the reasoning that the ink for the tattoos is as difficult to make as the items themselves. The cost is the same regardless of whether you choose to use a belt or the tattoo.

Q: Are there any specifications for the tattoos? Ex: Do the tattoos have to glow, do they need to be a specific animal or symbol, etc?
A: No, the tattoos are completely up to you. You can make them glow a specific color if you wish, or they can be solid black, red, blue, yellow, etc. They can be in different locations on your body or they can be some kind of picture on your back. However you wish to flavor this is up to you.

Slotless Stat Tattoos

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