Black Flags

Session 32 - Rami

We were super comfy in Surhlock’s plane for a bit, when people started asking how we would get out. And a lot of people complained about it being dark. I don’t understand how they can’t see, I mean, it is easy enough to pay someone to fix that. First you have to kill a lot of people. Then you have to be sent to a dwarven Underdark prison where you’ll never see the sunlight again. You dig up a wizard, and pay him 3500 gp.

Anyway, Surhlock and Shenora discuss how to get out, and call Harold. We Gate out to the Mithral Mine, and planned to work on a Plane Shift ritual to bring out the boat. We find Noctus ships all about. Our miners are still loyal though.

We realize we have a few days to get the ship back so we start tunneling down to The Forge. Only, one of the ships eventually sees through an illusion Harold put up, and they row in to investigate. We fight part of them before their captain escaped. Then we saw Captain Blackbeard come through destroying their fleet, along with Sebastian Harrigan. We take care of the rest of our ship as they finish up the others.

We then head down the mine shaft a few days later and twist and turn through. Some magma tubes and acidic water caused some problems, but we eventually make it through from Shenora turning the stone to mud. Then Mav reseals it so the cavern doesn’t flood. I see a beautiful city and the others say it is a dump. They say it is an illusion. Even if it is, I’m gonna stick with it. Magma all over the place. This is Atlantis, and The Forge is here somewhere.


DustinLappert JoeySheffield

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