Black Flags

Session 32 - Suhrlock

The demiplane wasn’t the most exciting place but it served its purpose. We were safe, and we could get back to our mine to start to pursue the forge down below. But first to get our ship out of the astral plane. Well at least that was the plan. Except none of us knew how to plane shift. Fortunately we have powerful friends who can teach my familiar some new tricks. But we only have a few minutes. I quickly dimension door (ina burst of flames! oops) to the docks. I cast a wall of earth to start on our gate when I see some ships in the distance. Noctis on one and military on two others. I teleport back to the gang. We hide and listen in. They’re looking for us. I guess coming home wasn’t the brightest idea. Fortunately our peeps are still our peeps. I guess paying them well was a good idea. Anyway, they wander back to their ships but don’t go far. We decide to leave our ships where it is. We have a few days before the demiplane vanishes anyway. We decide to make our way towards the forge.

Behind Harold’s illusions we work, until someone hears something and one of the big bad boats comes to investigate. We buff up and smash the crap out of them. I even brought a few giant squids to the party. They get smashed. Oops. But during the fight a dozen more ships are seen on the horizon heading our way. Oops. But before they get too close most start splintering, crashing, sinking, exploding, splitting in half, flying apart, and other means of destruction. Kind of fun to watch if I wasn’t distracted with the one ship in close. Turns out we still have powerful friends; Blackbeard and Sebastian Harrigan. Last time those two saw us it wasn’t so friendly. Blackbeard rejected my drink and Sebastian tossed us around like puppies. This time they saved our bacon. With the battle won the craziest most amazing thing happened. Blackbeard gave me a gift. Not just any gift but his old peg leg. Apparently he upgraded and remembered that shared in his one legged plight. Stunned. But I wasn’t above trying it on.

The power of the leg flowed through me. In fact, the next few days were a blur. I remember agony. I remember pain. I remember ecstasy. I remember fear. But mostly I remember power. Power like I’ve never felt it. I dismissed Shatral, soon realizing that I could command and control much more than currently was. I brought him back and shaped him to my will. I taught him new powers. I conjured new arcane knowledge to enhance his attacks. He and I will be a new force to reckon with.

But as soon as I regained my senses the others said we must be off. Too much time was wasting. I followed along still mostly confused. We swam. We were lost but the guys sensed their way through the labyrinth. And then we came through a ceiling. It was dry. Safe. And destroyed. Some type of long lost temple. But there in the center was the forge.


DustinLappert jkiddy

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