Black Flags


The same group that was gloating in the middle of the arena was in fact who we ended up facing off against in the semi-final rounds. Clerics who just kept healing over and over again, dragging out the battle for what seemed to be an eternity. I feel like we had flashier spells and a dragon, we won not only the battle but the crowd favor. They seemed to enjoy when we took flight to finish off the final two.

Going into the final rounds, we are finding out a bit about the other teams. Plug is heavily favored to win and we won’t face him until the final round. I imagine we are going to have to go in melee hard and spells last, but our plans never work out the way we plan anyway.

The ship will be done at the end of the tournaments. I am hoping that perhaps we can call Harrigan before the fights, perhaps he’d like to sit in our cheering section. I wouldn’t mind a little recreational time with him prior to the big fight if he’s up for it.


DustinLappert heidihoheidi

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