Black Flags

Session 9 - Suhrlock

I completed spaced out on the whole time traveling thing yesterday, uh er today. Or was it tomorrow. Confusing. Too confusing. Nonetheless, I surely recognized seeing the party, myself!, enter the cave from a few days ago. The little giggling thing is messing with us too much. But we still have some jobs to do. We think we have a day or two before the ship will be ready, and we surely do not trust Mr. Plugg and his goons with our ship for long. But the miners need to be outfitted better. How else will they be able to make any useful progress. So we decided to make a quick jaunt to the port where we could buy supplies. Then head over to the cove where we shipwrecked.

Funny thing is, Shenora learned how to teleport all of us. Well, everyone except Shatral. Apparently he makes too many. So I dismissed him and suddenly we are in port outside of the tavern. We quickly noticed that the military ship is no longer docked out at sea. That’s a bit concerning. Hurriedly, we place an order for supplies. 25 sets of picks, shovels, shoes, and some mine carts. We’re told it will cost 1000 GP to get some of it from neighboring ports. Damn. I front the group 300 GP for the down payment and we’re off again.

This time we teleport to just outside of the cover behind the treeline. Even the less observant ones (including myself) notice that our ship is nearly fixed. They are working on the mast a little ways out to sea. Stranger yet, the military vessel is pulled alongside. Arakor says that the military folks are saluting Mr Plugg. That double-crossing slime ball. As if I didn’t hate him before. And Arakor is just seething. He says something about military bastards will have to pay…. I’ll have to ask him about that another time. well, there is clearly little time to waste as we see some type of really strong constructs fix the mast. Then the military ship pulls away. I quickly summon a Shadow Croaker and send it towards the ship. Maverick starts to cast a couple of spells and Shenora teleports us one last time (for the day). And the battle is on.

The four of us are facing six of the constructs, two minotaur guys, Mr. Plugg who transforms into a strange nightmarish thing, and some type of caster who was apparently scrying on us. Maverick uses his ring to knock one construct off the boat and into the water quickly. My Croaker distracts, but never really hits, another one, at least for a spell until it succumbs. Shenor and Arakor tag team as much as they can. And I start casting attack spells. Lightning bolt was very effective on the two up on the mast. They take my damage and fall. They both still moving but barely. The minotaur barbarians, as before, can take a huge beating without falling. I can fireballs, shocking grasps when they get close, and anything else I can think of. We take some damage but the biggest problem comes when Butt Plugg scares the crap out of Shenora. Maverick stops him from jumping overboard. But seconds later Arakor drops his rapiers and runs too. Suddenly I am practically alone with the fiends on our side of the ship. I dimension door the heck over to my friends and the battle resumes. We are slowly winning though and finally it is down to Mr. Plugg, his shadow, and one construct (which we held twice but could never finish off). Mr. Plugg gets flanked and suddenly has his wizard friend, damn we forgot about him, teleport the two of them off. Probably to the military ship which continues to high-tail it out of there. Chicken shit Butt Plugg. We had his number though and he knew it. I bet he’s not going to be quite so cocky the next time we meet.


DustinLappert jkiddy

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