Black Flags

Session 23- Shenora

I don’t know why we thought that turning in a find voucher worth 350g would be so easy. I suppose we figured that it may have belonged to an insignificant imperial or a pirate booty from the hundreds of other lucky like similar to ourselves but had the misfortune of missing just one hit, or not having the healing power of our performer. We took for granted that the voucher was submitted for someone else once upon a time.
And even though it wasn’t him, Plug who generally has had a back and forth with us on showing us up ever now and again, managed to said our ship right out of dry dock while we indulged with our party wand. If we were not blood thirsty up to this point for that bastard, we were parched for his blood now. However, it was in the moment we realized who had our ship that we were visited, or brought to visit the one and only Nightmare. This is not someone who we wanted to cross paths with, however the realization that the voucher belonged to him, and he was the one who was searching for us and burning down all places we have business connections became distinctively clear. He could have killed us with a wiggle of his nose, but he listened to our story. About how we didn’t know it was his and Plug actually took his ship. We then got into an arrangement by which we needed to get that ship back from Plug. Gladly. Here’s the thing however, we also said that he could take our voucher for the 350g but I’m not sure he ever really heard that part of the discussion. We were almost forcibly pushed and transported onto the new ship which lets face it, is bad luck to be sailing without a name. Never christened… just bad juju. Regardless, we killed Plug, but we had no time to celebrate our victory or discuss terms with Nightmare about how we can possibly have this ship, because it sailed right into a fog bank that seemed to sail us right into some type of net anti-magic dungeon trap. We were enveloped into the fog just before hearing Nightmare yell “Noctus!!”
We landed abruptly on a beach with large rigging. We immediately started pooling our knowledge about who Noctus might be, and as I started to recall some almost ancient legends of old, Mavrick immediately pipped up and told and sang every story of history about him. I just stood with my hand on my hip and nodded along at that point with an assured look of “yeah, I knew that” as I looked further at the rigging and watched for whatever caught us to come eat. Especially since Noctus as we now were all fully educated by Mavrick, was the owner of Nidhogg, which of course was the huge dragon whose eyeball may and may not have ended up on Garvock like a shish ka bob. Heh, hey, yeah, I’m sure they won’t notice that it was me wielding Garvock, I mean, I am just a little swashbuckler. Legends are always about the talking magical weapons, right?
We did see some figures starting to approach, but just before we were able to do proper introductions, we all fell asleep. When we awoke extremely well rested I called out to Garvock. I could hear him but it took a moment for me to realize he and my bag of stuff, was not on my hip. He said he was in some type of treasure room. I asked Mavrick, Shurlok and Arakor if they had their weapons and they realized no. Suddenly this other guy pipped up, who I honestly thought was just a pile of dishes for a second, but turned out to be a rather disturbing looking Tiefling. He’s soft spoken enough right now but I get and eerie feeling talking to him, like… sure, he’s ugly but… he’s so ugly that there must be something even darker in there that makes him painful to be around. Like… bad breath, toe cheese and hangnails or something. Regardless, we realized that we could call our weapons to us, thanks to some direction from Garvok and some strategic placement of Shatral, we got all our stuff back and a few other special items.
We got our bearings and figured out that the loot room was above us, but there is many doors in this place. We started traveling though and found just a lot of magically locked doors, one hell of a cold cone blast by the way, and even a dead end. We really are just looking for stairs and maybe a way back to our ship, but the feeling we are going to be meeting up with a one eyed pissed off dragon is never that far out of the back of my mind.


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