Black Flags

Session 22 - Surhlock

Plugg and our ship were gone. Nightmare was killing our people looking for us thinking that we had stolen it from him. And now we learn that Plugg’s old henceman Harrigan has been killed by the pirates on the Red Line. I guess they learned that he was working for the military. Sure wish I could have been there to see that. But we have other things to deal with first. Arakor’s new weapon, Greed, can apparently scry on his brethren. So he uses it to look for Gluttony and Plugg. Unfortunately he finds Nightmare instead. Or perhaps he found us. Either way he actually comes through the scrying window with his monstrous claw and in his ever so pleasant manner tells us we are part of his crew until we recover him his ship. Well, I mean I guess I did a reasonable job of convincing him of that course of action. At least he didn’t kill us. Then even more amazingly he jams his claw into our ship and pulls all of us back through the portal to a sea somewhere. Somewhere beside his dozen or so other vessels.

Plugg only had a half day head start on us before we teleported to who knows where. Now it takes us a week of high speed (Nightmare did all of the propulsion and control) chase with Greed pointing the way. But sure enough we saw the ship in the horizon after a spell. Nightmare’s henchman cast a spell to prevent them from teleporting away, but it also limited our abilities when in the area to do so ourselves. Fortunately he could get us on the ship where it became our job to right or wrong with Nightmare.

I summoned a dire tiger to help out and we all buffed up as much as possible. But battle was going to be more difficult than expected. Maverick was babbling something about the stars and moon aligning, and that he must pray to his god to prevent the end of days from over taking all of us. Personally I think he went a little off his rocker but no amount of arguing could persuade him from his path. In the end he cast some prayer to enchant our sipping jackets with endless potions but that was all he could do. It would have to do.

Once teleported into “our” ship the battle was immediately engaged. Plugg was joined by minions and a few officers but many of the minions were already dead at his feet. We didn’t really have time to ponder. Shenora had the first strike, a lightning bolt through a bunch of henchmen. Arakor followed up by slaying two of the wounded. My tiger handled another two as did Shatral. Meanwhile I castes my most powerful (and newest trick) spell, an empowered, intensified, widened fireball. It destroyed the ten or so crew members and blasted the officers. But a wall of force protected Plugg and those closest to him.

Plugg stayed behind his wall, killing his friends and then reanimating them as zombies. But for now we were dealing with his officers and the few remaining crew members. Tony the Tiger and Shatral squared off against the crew while we attacked the officers. But they hit hard. Exploding javelins and guys that could teleport and strike us many times were doing lots of damage. And we were having a hard time healing ourselves. I had to take a whole round to help keep Shatral up and fighting and I was burning off my quickened spells at a fast pace. But we were slowly winning. Shenora got the last one to fall into a hungry pit but just in time. Her wounds were so severe at one point that I raced over and healed her as much as I could with my hex. I think she passed out for a few seconds there.

We had a couple of seconds to prepare while Plugg stayed behind his wall. I flew up and blasted the zombies with a couple of fireballs. They died and blew up in a terrific explosion blowing Plugg’s arm off. It would not last. Then he shoved Gluttony in the wall and it slowly faded. The battle was rejoined. Plugg now though was gigantic and fierce. Shatral charged in just ahead of Arakor and Shenora. But Plugg was waiting for our attack. He sliced Shatral but he did not fall immediately, yet he perished due to some death effect. There was nothing I could do. Helping Arakor get into slicing position seemed the best idea so I summoned a couple of giant cobras to help distract Plugg. And within seconds Arakor had sliced and diced Plugg into hundreds of little pieces. It was terrific. Well for us anyway.


DustinLappert DustinLappert

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