Black Flags

Session 21 - Surhlock

The tournament is about to resume and we are as ready as we think we can be, but we know that we must conserve our spells and such to make it through all four battles and defeat Plugg. For me, that means a bit more use of my hexes than usual, although I am not afraid of running out of spells as much as using up my Quicken Rod too early.

The first battle is against a handful of archers. The hit like a ton of bricks, at least with their first arrows. Arakor and Maverick contract a nasty, nasty poison while getting ice bombed. Fortunately Maverick used a Wind Wall and Shenora used Black Tentacles to keep two of them constrained and unable to blast us. We slowly beat them down from that point on but it was a careful dance for a while there. My Slumber hex and Hold Person spell were quite effective as well. Eventually Shatral got one of them inside his range and really laid into him. He had the archer in his mouth when the damn tentacles picked him up. It was quite a sight to behold if only I wasn’t worried about my friend. Little did I know my friend was going to be in for a lot more trouble in the next round.

The next round were a pair of Dread Wraiths, a caster, and a Lich. Shenora and I opened up with all of the fireballs we could muster in the opening salvo. Nothing went down, no surprise on the damn incorporeal wraiths but we did damage the two ‘real’ ones quite a bit. Arakor zoomed in and Shatral followed at his usual pace. But before i knew it Shatral was squared off against one of the wraiths. Three touches later he seemed to have almost all of his Constitution and health drained right from him. I let him counter-attack and then I pulled him out of there just as he was destroyed. Arakor and some of the others also took some nasty hits from those vile beasts. Fortunately he noticed a bag of potions laying on the caster. He deftly scooped it up as we were leaving the arena, apparently even disarming a trap at the same time. I didn’t notice a thing but I definitely noticed how that potion brought Shatral back to me.

What turned out to be the final combat of the day was a strange affair. The monk-rogue zoomed past all of us to beat on Maverick for a bit. Shenora and Arakor teleported back beside him and started attacking. Shatral ambled over although I think all he really did was to distract Arakor enough to finish him off. Meanwhile, the other three guys just closed in tight to one another behind some type of protective shield. We pondered that a bit. I threw in some snowballs which seemed to have little effect. And then Shenora had the bright idea of building a Hungry Pit beneath those burly oafs. Pretty funny. They all fell down. The she tells me to bury them in with a Wall of Stone. Why not? I rarely use that spell anyway. For fun she throws a smokestick in with them, kind of like thumbing your nose at the bully. Well, a minute or two later the pit disappears, or so we think based on the sounds but all is quiet. For good measure she does it again. And another two minutes later the pit is gone, we hear nothing, and Shenora turns my nice wall into mud. Splattered dead guys. I am not sure the crowd really liked that battle but who cares, we are victors and on our way to the final bout against Plugg.

Except. He. Doesn’t. Show. Chicken shit bastard. Worst yet, we find out he stole our bleeping ship. But before that happens we collect our prize. Arakor seems rightly giddy with his new sword Greed. I think Greed must have some mental control capabilities too because suddenly Arakor wants to hold onto his money and even sell some of his magic items. Silly shark guy. I pick up a sweet little summoning shadow staff. Totally cool. Oh and we got a nice pot of money, although we do need to put some of it into the ship’s crew fund. Maverick and Shenora volunteer to split what is needed. Damn. I mean I really appreciate it because I need to acquire some more metamagic rods. But that was a lot of money. Thanks guys.


DustinLappert jkiddy

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