Black Flags

Session 20 - Surhlock

The next day’s battle commences at high noon. The crowd is clearly blood thirsty with anticipation but we calmly prepare for the battle ahead. I buff up Shatral with Barkskin, Shield, and some additional strength from the rod. Maverick starts to sing after casting Haste, Bless, and Prayer. And then I pull in three huge ankylosaurus to fight along side us. Meanwhile, we see the four baddies bring in four archons. Mayhaps they are not so evil after all. Then the battle begins. The move quicker than us (cause moving quicker than an ankylosaurus honestly isn’t that hard) and the next thing I know they have all been dismissed. Yikes. Those Archons are going to be trouble.

With them close together Shenora and I open up with Fireballs while Arakor and Shatral move in. One pair of dudes intercept and separate us. Arakor is on his own for the time being, and Shatral is paralyzed in fear for a round by an Archon. We keep blasting away but they are healing each other and the Archons are joining in. Fortunately they spend so much time on healing that they are not taking us down either. Arakor is wounded but standing, but and later they move close to Maverick and almost kill him. Although in dragon form he is forced to spend some time keeping us alive. And then they try to focus on me. I take a few, but my handy-dandy cloak and armor shock them back. Ha. So I Damnation Stride out of there to the other side of the arena. Ha. But they follow and attack again. Dammit. This time I Damnation Stride to Maverick’s back. Ha. So they fly up after us. Dammit. Screw that, my friends kill them off.

We have three days until the next round of battles. We are told it will be a marathon from here, three consecutive battles in one day. We will have to be a bit more prudent on saving spells to kill of Butt Plugg when we see him. But in the meantime we check in on our kingdom. We sell our loot at the gold mine. All is well there. We check on Bonewrack but the Mithril MIne informs us of a problem. Our sales outlet has been ravaged. We check and confirm that it has been totally destroyed. The entire town. And we learn that whoever did this was after us. Fortunately Obses is also okay so we go check on Rickity to see what he knows. Except he is not there and his folks are worried. Next on to Harrigan’s where we find both of them but Rickity is missing an arm. And it’s our fault. Maverick begins to pray to his god that one day he can right this wrong. I sure hope it works.

But in all despair there is hope. We start to plan. We bring a few locals back from being petrified. We start to rebuild. We are going to have a new city. A better city. We set up the core, a group of trusted allies who can work on the place while we are gone. Minus the mafia Parsaurum will be great.


DustinLappert jkiddy

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