Black Flags

Session 20 - Arakor

Well, after making it to the last set of teams with this other heavily armored team, we found out that the main event battle in the next round is us against them tomorrow. So we had some time to rest and prepare. And man were we prepared. We entered the arena to thunderous applause. At least I’m assuming it was for us. We were pretty impressive yesterday. Right before the sounding of the start, we do our normal prep only this time, Suhrlock pulls out 3 huge dinosaurs to help in the battle. Very impressive. Then, all of a sudden, they start disappearing just as quickly after the paladin looking guys summon some things of their own(archons according to my guys who know things about the planes). Well, that was rather unexpected so we proceeded with our usual tactics knowing that if these guys get in their own formation, they can really put a hurting on you. So Suhrlock has Shattrall move up to engage one of the scythe wielding guys after they get off some rounds of fireballs and stuff. But, as much damage as they took, those damn archons kept healing them back up. Well, with my enhanced speed I was able to get to the scythe guy and get some attacks off but all of them are wearing damn locked gauntlets. Maybe I should learn to Sunder those sorts of things? Anyway, Jazz got separated from me between the archons and the other team of paladins moving in and blocking the way from her joining me. After some devastating rounds of attacks I finally take out the guy on me. And it took every ounce of attack I could muster. Duck and parry. Strike, riposte. Eventually, between fireballs, cones of cold, Mav turning into a dragon and breathing and healing, we eventually take the group out except for 1 who surrenders. Coward. We’re all beat to hell ourselves. But then we find out that the REAL main event will start in 3 days in back to back to back fights, so we’re gonna have to plan this out somehow because we can bet that Plugg and his crew will be the last fight and we need to make sure that we keep some in reserve for him and his guys because they’ll be the toughest of everyone I’m willing to bet.

So, with 3 days to kill and recover, we move forward with our normal logistical stuff. Gold mine is all good so we sell some stuff there. Then we proceed to the mithril mine and find there’s a problem. They tell us that Bonewrack is gone. Destroyed by someone..something. people are just dead, turned to stone, etc. Just a mess. So we head to Obses to ensure it’s still ok and luckily enough, it is. So, we decide to go see Rickity and Harrigan to see if the know what happened but Rickity wasn’t there. According to his people, he had gone to Bonewrack Isle and hasn’t been seen since. But we didn’t see him there. Well, if he WAS there and got away or got recused, Harrigna must’ve had something to do with it so we head there. And at first, it looked like a hurricane hit the place. Then as I focused more, it was more of his illusion so we proceeded to his home and who do we find there? Rickity. Minus an arm. Apparently it got cut clean off by the guy who was apparently looking for us. Apparently, the boat we’ve been so excited on getting didn’t belong to the guy we killed and took it off of. It belonged to his boss. Who is apparently a badass and near a god with the destruction he rained down on Bonewrack. I’m not sure what to do about it but we decide to gather what money we have and see if he’ll accept a replacement voucher. Because we didn’t know it belonged to him and, yeah, we’re chickening out. We ain’t fuckin with someone who can destroy an entire city on his own pretty much. I’ll make that guy my friend if I can. Who knows, if we can get him on our side maybe it’ll be good for our plans of creating the pirate lands? As for Rickity, we let him know that we’ll be back as soon as Mav is able to learn the Regenerate spell so we can give him his arm back since that’s out of Harrigan’s scope of knowledge. Overall, the plan is to rebuild on the ruins of Bonewrack for our new city for the free captains and pirates against the corrupt military. I’m glad we bought those lyres of building. And luckily our favorite blacksmith was turned to stone and not destroyed so we were able to bring him back. If only we could get our business guy back….but he’s dead dead. Until we can use something a little more powerful…..


DustinLappert SilentLucidity

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