Black Flags

Session 19 - Maverick

So as the easterly winds blow, we spot the affable Blackbeard and his crew tussling with the sky. The sky, once visible happened to be several hundreds of reapers, possibly looking to cull the freeman and his lot.

We let them be and strode across the plains of another living flower. We came upon a woman, passed out, and from what I could tell, hardly alive. I passed a hand across her breast, to gain a reaction but none was to be had.

Surhlock and his impatience got a hold of him as he poured some healing magicks into her ravaged soul. Hmm, I have to admit, I didn’t believe the witch had it in him.

((chuckles a bit))

We decide to help the poor soul find her dragged about husband, also taken by the reapers.

The poor man had been placed in a tree, perhaps a snack for later, or like the tree born cats do, save their quarry for more desperate times.

Once patched and healed, the two inform us of some sentimental treasures that are on the next flowered island. The one dipping into the water, as if dying from the corruption spewed by the reapers gathered there.

We scurry along, as aphids across the wide petals of a orchid. Our newest companions lead us towards the center, where they halt, suddenly without word. We assume that more reapers are hidden in front of us, however once True Sight is cast, we see Blackbeard and his crew resting.

Blasts of magic jut from Blackbeard’s crew, laying upon the two, who now appear to be reapers in disguise…. unknowingly to us, leading us to our deaths.

I think to myself, I should have examined those breasts a bit more closely.

((chuckling again))

Journeying on, we find ourselves at the Aqueduct, a place of wonder. These shipwrights have it down to an art, an elaborate dance; lift, bang, lift, set, bang, shift… a boat, or rather I say, a SHIP!

We place our order and now we wait… I should get a drink.


DustinLappert Lawrence_Burton

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