Black Flags

Session 14 - Surhlock

Obses, property of the Mad Dogs. I like the sound of it. And I like the income it is going to generate. But I really didn’t realize how much work maintaining these properties takes. It had been about three weeks since we were at Bonewrack Isle. It was time to check in on our enterprise. The miners were getting to be a little restless, but we were able to have one of the guys really stand out as a skilled worker. This gave us the idea of hiring a few more from Obses. They’re a bit more expensive, and we had to provide them with some equipment, but we can now fabricate our own Mithril ingots. We also had a Lyre of Building fabricated so the miners and Saughin can do some renovations to put a small port on the side of the island with the mine. Then we did some diplomacy with our buyers and renegotiated terms a bit more in our favor. All in all, I think we have a much more well oiled machine running. We also decided to reward everyone with a party using a newly acquired Rod of Splendor. I think it will help keep everyone’s morale up.

While we were off doing this, our ship’s crew had their second adventure. They fought off a sea creature while we were in the ancient ruins. But their exploits while we were back at Bonewrack were even more impressive. They were attacked and fended off another pirate ship. I have no doubt Rami and Joku were of great help, and I am glad we have been outfitting the crew with high quality weapons. Unfortunately we lost a half dozen of the men, which were offset by picking up a dozen from the captured ship. I hope they are as good as the ones we lost. But now what to do with their vessel? Rickety Squibs seemed like a good option so Shenora and Arakor teleported on over to see him. They returned with Rickety and Harrigan’s brother from Bloodcove. Strange. But then he gave us 5000 gold and teleported the ship and himself away. Stranger. But hey the problem is solved and we’ve got some more loot. At least Rickety is smart enough to pay us in small gems. Oh, and the mayor found our chit for a new ship. Well, we thought it was a new ship. It’s for the downpayment on a monster ship. 1,000,000 GP. Damn. The bad news is that we are going to have to come up with another 650,000 GP when we get there. Better start saving. Well, tomorrow. Today I bought an awesome Ioun stone that makes my spells a bit more powerful.

Okay, now to follow the log pose on our journey. Except that apparently the pirates our crew defeated were being followed by the military. We didn’t want to lead them to Obses. We waffled whether to fight or run, but our bloodlust got the best of us. Or maybe I should say it got the best of Arakor. That shark thing he does has made him very aggressive. Well, he spun the ship around on its axis, riding a small crest like a champ, and the next thing I know we are in a full on attack. Maverick grabs the Lyre and starts playing. I put a wall of ice on the front to protect us from any ranged attacks on the way in. The impact with their ship was a jolt but no damage to us. Their’s didn’t fare so well. I think they thought they were to be boarded cause they were awfully surprised when we rammed and attacked. I immediately put black tentacles at the junction of the two ships. Let’s see if they can keep them away from Maverick and I. I let Shatral go with Shenora and Arakor to the stern of the ship to attack their captain, a bit gargoyle-like alchemist jerk. I could see those guys swinging and missing like crazy. Never have they had such a hard time hurting someone. Maverick helped with a few Dispel Magics. I suffocated him one round to slow him down and Flame Striked his butt another time. Eventually they prevailed against the beast. Otherwise, I spent my time working on the others, most of which ran themselves right into the Black Tentacles. Stupid arrogant fucks. Fireball. Fireball. Fireball. Like that? Lightning Bolt. Damn, they’re tough. Just go to sleep then….

Looting the ship provided us with a few goodies and better yet four new crew members who were locked in the hold. Shenora make their ship sink with a well placed petrification and stone-to-mud at the stern. And we were on our way again. The log pose took us to Crescent Isle, manned by a single hermit and his lighthouse. I tried to tell him we could just make that thing magically bright so he could leave but he says he likes the solitude. I kind of thought that was a back-handed slap to us but I let it go. His intel was good. First, he told us that the center of the island was actually a gigantic geyser, which we saw a few minutes later, and that we’d have to ride the geyser in a our ship to our next stop miles up in the sky. Well, I can fly but I shudder to think what will happen to our ship if Arakor doesn’t pilot it well on that adventure. Ugh. More interestingly, he told us that we are following the path of an el cheapo log pose. !$%!~ fucking bastard at Plunder Haven ripped us off. I am not sure when but he will pay. Then I realized another interesting fact. Butt Plugg is following a 1 GP log pose. And this guy said no one has ridden the geyser in ten years. We’re somehow ahead of Plugg. Hmm.


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