Black Flags

Session 13 - Arakor

After we got our story straight after recovering the loot from the pirates, we went back to town to help reinstate the mayor and give some money back to the townspeople so we can get in the good graces and I must say, it paid off handsomely. Apparently, this place is known for it’s ability for item creation with lots of vendors and craftsmiths. They offered to work day and night on new items we wanted or upgrades to existing items. It took a little extra time but now my swords match and they feel so good in my hands. Got a few new items as well. Something to help keep people out of my mind…Something to make me a little harder to hit in battle too after that last fight against the pirates and the captain. Although I don’t know if it would have helped getting bit by that half-breed bastard.

Upon returning to the ship, we were alerted that someone had been sneaking around and had torn up the ship a bit. Nothing was really missing except food. But it had been recent enough so I did my thing. I was able to track the footprints to our captains quarters, followed them around(nothing was disturbed that I could tell), and they went back off the ship and disappeared into the water. Not sure who or why, but we did keep the ship on high alert after that. Just in case.

We chilled out for about 10 days while everyone was waiting to have their stuff finished up. These craftsmiths were amazing and did amazing work. On the 11th day, we went off to the ruins that we had planned on checking out. See what was there we could use and free up some space possibly for the townspeople to come and get whatever they wanted from it, if there was anything left. We took the necessary precautions to make sure we could breathe underwater.We all took the plunge into the water. We had some sharks in our way but after a few seconds, they all cleared out after I used my animal handling skills. I figured I’d give it a shot since I’ve been practicing it. Something odd happened this time though. It was like I could hear them talking and saying “food” over and over again. Maybe I’ve hit a new level of being able to handle wild animals? I"ll take it if that were the case. But it was more…MUCH more I would come to find out.

As we ventured further in, we got to a point where we reached dry land again. Well, mostly dry. Myself and Shatral scouted ahead so Suhrlock could see through her eyes and I could do my sneaking thing. After a few corners, we spotted something in a room. a room full of vermin. Giant scorpions, spiders, and some swarms. We planned ahead decent enough. Some delay poisons, an ice wall to keep one locked up in a corner room and fireballs took most of them out. With my srawmband clasp that I acquired, hitting the swarms was easy enough and we took them out in short order. I did get bit a time or two, but I was strong enough to not have the poisons take effect. After that fight, we continued along our way. The next room we came to was one full of sand. which was odd in that place. But, upon closer examination, we determined that there were 2 sand krakens lying in wait, as well as a huge crocodile in one corner and some earth elementals gliding in and out of a wall in the other corner. We knew that if we disturbed the sand, those krakens would be on us like white on rice. So we decided to avoid that and hug the wall and go to the door on the other side where the earth elementals were at but lucky for us, they paid us no mind. For the 3rd time in a row, I had to unlock a trapped door so it wouldn’t go off. And I did my thing but the flying carpet wouldn’t fir through the door so Shenora did her thing she loves doing and turned part of the wall to mud so we could just fly through. And right after we did, the earth elementals come right over. We thought we would have a fight on our hands but they just reached down and turned the mud to sand. Then, as we turned the corner,we saw the recent remnants of a camp..and the recent remnants of some shark-people. looked like they were torn in half or limb from limb. That’s when we heard the screams. We took off toward the sounds and they seemed like they were just around the next corner until, finally, they were. But it was very weird. It was like some sort of ghostly image that looked like the good captain who first took us on. Well, at least treated us fairly. But not thing image. It tore another shark guy in half as we approached. He stalked toward us and we got ready for a fight. But there was no fight. Wasn’t even a contest. He handled us like we were nothing. He bullrushed me right into a wall, knocked Shenora back about 40 feet and even almost knocked Shatral into a wall. We did our thing and didn’t even make a mark on him. He stated that we weren’t ready yet and just vanished. I don’t know what that was all about but after getting my ass handed to me, I hope he doesn’t come back.

We decided to rest for the night, get some spells back and such. I went ahead and took the 2nd shift. As I was standing watch over the group and the doors, I felt a tug at my mind. Clearly, someone was trying to do something and sicne I’m not really the one who deals with this stuff, I woke up our spellcasters to investigate and I thought Surhlock was going to go into shock. The look on his face when I woke him up was….out of place. Like I woke him up from a dream into a nightmare or something. It wasn’t until he pointed out that I took a real good look in a mirror(or something akin to a mirror). I had turned half shark! I thought about wondering aloud how the hell it cold have happened and then it hit me. The bite from that pirate captain. That MUST have been it. And while it may be a curse, it is sure feeling like a blessing with how I feel. I feel….tougher. It also explained why I heard the sharks talking to me. And while I would like to get rid of this to avoid the odd looks I’m getitng from Suhrlock, it’s geeling more like a blessing from Besmara. The ability to breathe underwater? To turn into a shark and swim with nature? He’ll just have to deal with it. Sure, I’m like a pygmy great white shark, but the important part is great white. That must be why the sharks where we entered scattered. Don’t fuck with the bad ass great white. The next morning, after everyone finally got back to sleep, we woke up and I once again untrapped and unlocked the next door. There were 2 huge adamantine hornet swarms protecting an altar with a chest on it. Or the door on the far side. We weren’t sure. They weren’t attacking us for opening the door or entering so that limited what was left. But, we wanted that chest. If it was being protected, there was a reason for it. So Shenora got to use another new handy spell that let her swap the chest on the altar with another chest we had with us. We were all for that so we made it happen. And since everything else had been trapped and locked, it was up to me to check it out. Not locked. Not trapped. But if there was something I missed, I didn’t want to make the mistake so I opened it away form me and facing the wall. That didn’t seem to matter though, the top swung all the way open and back and seemed to swallow me whole! Next thing I know, I’m seeing out like from behind a mirror and I start attacking Shatral. I couldn’t do anything. It was like watching a bad dream. I thought I killed her but I’m guessing it was close since something pained Suhrlock’s face and he seemed to absorb some of the damage done. Then I and Shenora did our thing on…me? I was attacking a mirror and she was attacking pseudo-me and together we shattered the mirror, returning me back to my old self. I did some apologizing after it happened though. I know that Suhrlock is having enough trouble with my new image but then I almost kill his eidolon. We did find a key that the mimic had on it but that was it.

After that “fun”, we decided to hug the wall and bypass the adamantine swarms. Luckily, they apparently were guarding the door because we got to it without issue and got through. On the other side though, we had to choose one of 3 doors. we went with the far right door first. After disabling the trap and unlocking it, we opened it to find it full of plants that would have attacked us if we got too close to them. We decided to wait on that one and went to door #2, which had the floor knocked out of it and a green gas on the other side. We went ahead and life bubbled it up to avoid having to breathe the gas and we alkl floated over and I did my thing. In short order too because it wasn’t just a gas cloud, but an acid cloud that started eating the carpet. We had to hurry up and get off to preserve it until we can cast a spell on it to fix it. After we put it away, we turned around to face the treasure room…guarded by a sphinx. We had 3 shots I think to solve the riddle but it only took 1. Not only does Maverick have the looks, but the smarts too. He blurted out the answer on the first shot and the sphinx just disappeared. But Mav only had eyes on the crown. AN actual crown. He put it on and apparently it’s some sort of powerful artifact that spoke to him. And it can do some really cool stuff too. Really powerful stuff. As Shenora looked around with her Detect Magic spell, she picked up a very powerful emission coming from behind a wall. And she had some fun with the wall again, melting it to mud. In the mud, I discovered a dagger…but as I picked it up, it transformed right before our eyes into a dagger and it also spoke to me. As it imparted what it could do to me, I knew that it wasn’t for me. But I knew that Shenora could put it to very good use so I handed it over to her. Now let’s check out those other rooms before we head out since the log pose is good to go for the next destination.


DustinLappert SilentLucidity

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