Black Flags

Session 11- Shenora

There isn’t a lot of down time on the open sea, when we are doing our smaller runs that feel like the equivalent to running errands before a long trip. It has be oen fulfilling however, meeting people and learning about how the trade world really works.

I have to say, Rickity is a true businessman with the heart of a sailor. I like him, a lot. He has that perfect combination of “don’t mess with me,” to “Welcome to my inner circle.” He could have completely overcharged us and I would have happily handed over my first born thinking I had gotten the better end of the deal. (In truth, anyone who doesn’t have to raise those snot mongers probably is getting a better end of that deal, but I digress.) He has proven to be an honest man, working for his return business and good at what he does. He pointed us in the direction to do some good business.

I am the only woman in the captains quarters, if you don’t count Shantral of course. Gives me a bit of a special ranking I suppose, but in truth there isn’t anything I can do better than Arakor, Maverick or certainly Surhlock. They tend to be thinkers those guys, and at times perhaps the thing I offer is a bit of a push to make decisions no matter if they are good ones or not. For instance, when plotting the course or thinking about where our next move should be, I’m not going to steer the boat. Just give me the list of things we have to do, and I tend to be the one to navigate the course in an order that makes sense. That’s what took us to look for Plunderhaven. Wow was that place fun, but there are some serious rules there. And again, here was the spot where I knew I wasn’t going to do the smooth talking, or even find out all the information we wanted. But when it was time to buy what we need, and find the time for us to leave, I was the push but not the panic. You see, Plug was at Plunderhaven and while there are serious about the haven part, no killing allowed… we did do quite a bit to humiliate him and ruin his reputation. We saw him buying a cheapy guidance thingy… the kind that if you survive you will become a legend. The guys saw it too and figured what he was doing, and suddenly felt a need to stop him or somehow beat him to it. No way, I said… his business is his business and he’ll probably die. Besides, so what if he becomes a legend as long as we become rich. I had my eye on Blackbeard. He was hanging with the real cool kids… the real legends. His peg leg was rockin’ some real style and his command was nothing short of Godlike. I felt like a kid with a boogar on my finger just trying to stand in the same room with him. Shurlock tried to talk to him, as we ran into him back at the island where he was just stopping in for a drink. He bought him one and proceeded to shrink under the weight of his manliness. It was kinda sad to watch. After Plunderhaven however the guys again feeling the itch to beat plug and to pick up our ship needed to be redirected. We had the mine, the crew and a budding business as well as a flag to fly before we could just take off. To my surprise, they listened, and off erran running we went again. Like I said, I’m not particularly great at any one thing, and often it could just be luck, but something told me that we should head to the Goat port. It seemed to be not that far away, it was the last big trading port so it had to do a good business. Seemed to me we’d likely be able to find someone willing to do business to make some mythrial armor. We got off the ship, and wow this was a very tightly organized town. This was no blundering laid back honor code of the pirates. This was white glove finger on the side of the nose, don’t get in their business mafia type shit. It was something that had to be respected. We of course covered up some of our tattoos and hid the real flag, followed all the rules. So there we were, standing on the pier and the guys stared me down. It was obvious to me, we needed to talk to an Armor. Bob the armor was who we found. Of course Mavrick slid up to Bob and tried to sweet talk him way into finding out how we could unload some of mythiral without pissing off the powers that be in the town. Bob sniffed him out and was displeased by the slimy feel I suppose. Risk nothing, get nothing I say. So I interjected and just laid it out there. He was more than happy when he found out we were like-minded individuals. I asked him if he knew of a manager to legitimize our enterprises and he sent us to Sam. He was over the moon when he found out we had the goods, the means to transport and in the quantity and capacity. It was a money making endeavor for everyone. Sam had a good head for business but not a great poker face, which made me like doing business with him. We have it pretty well set up now, just had to go check on the mine, give them Sam’s contact and set everyone up with their cut and the books. Bob made me a lovely mythrial hairclip, when you turn it around it’s our maddog insignia. The teeth of the clip look like it’s barking when you open and close it. He’s a cleaver man. When we got back to the island, the Saghundren were more than happy with the arrangement, and very proud that we were now ready to fly our flag on their behalf. They did set us up with the oddest of animal messengers, Sea Snails. They had a point however, they are low maintenance and not going anywhere fast. We let them know we were going to be gone for a while taking care of some other affairs, but when we got back we expect to give them another ship for cargo transport. They were pretty sure they could maintain until them. It is funny how open the sea is, but how crowded it gets as well. When it’s quiet, it’s nice to pal around with the crew, and really nice to have other women on board. Our cycles have all synced up so it’s good we can all be bitchy together and not take it personally. Maverick at times plays soothing tunes for us as we all sit around and crinkle our faces at the cramps. None of us are mother material, so at one of the ports we are going to try to find a shaman to shut down the baby cooker parts. That has to be a thing, right! It’s especially a good idea for Shivanka and Shortstone. They don’t hide it very well, but that very odd couple are loud little lovers. It does make it that you have to be careful walking into the crate room, as I suppose their quarters have gotten a bit boring. I can’t see what Shivanka sees in Shortstone but perhaps he reminds her of some of her previous slaves and relishes the chance to order someone around. As we entered into the icy waters it was the first time I had encountered a yeti. Those suckers hit hard I tell you, but luckily they didn’t like lightening or the end of my blade. Mama yeti came later however with four arms. More the smack those whiny little children with I suppose, but we did manage to put them all out of our misery for trying to board our ship without asking. The one thing I do love about our crew, is that we can seamlessly come up with a plan in less than 3 sentences and execute it with a good amount of proficiency. There was an illusion of a ice wall, and Surhlock dispelled it. We immediately saw a new and a band of bandits ready to take our ship. We could have easily escaped, however, what we did was much more fun. Surhlock rose the water up so we were even with the ice bridge, I fireballed it as well as burned the net. Again, we easily could have rammed our way though it, but no… Arakor dropped anchor and we went to work. Most of them drown in the icy water from the initial breaking of the bridge, but we took the other out with a good effort. Of course we didn’t stop there. They had to have a place they kept all their pilferings, and we found it. Of course it was guarded by 50 plus men, and while we may be brave, we are not stupid. However, we are sneaky and considerably more sober than they were at that moment. With a silence spell from Mav and some invisibility from Surhlock and some sneaking and lock picking from Arakor we managed to take anything of interest from their piles right from under their drunken noses. Needless to say we got the hell out of there fast.


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