Black Flags

Session 35 - Suhrlock

It was strange having to go into battle against Harold and Sebastian. But Lust’s spell had them completely enthralled and they forced the issue. I can attest that none of us were feeling really comfortable about the situation. This is a guy who knew every spell in existence and controlled adamantine golems galore, which we spied a couple on his ship. Oh, and two more ships were following with other “friends.” This was going to be a long, long day. Shenora was quiet. Maybe 70 years apart did something to lessen her feeling. Or maybe it was the fact that he wanted to kill us. But still, their daughter and grandson were down below decks waiting for the battle to end. And Rami disappeared again. I can only hope he was sent on another mission that is somehow going to help our cause because we are sure going to need him.

They get close, and suddenly it starts getting cold. So cold that our ship becomes frozen in ice. They get closer and approach the ice when suddenly Harold and two of his golems are upon us. I mean almost instantly. Time stop. Damn. Sebastien teleports around and slices pretty much all of us. My Nine Lives spell allows me to avoid his strike hitting my neck but it still hurt. I see pretty much everyone taking a blow. Harold floats out front of the boat, but my attention is elsewhere. Shatral, Maverick, and I have two golems right beside us. Shatral moves in and gets several bites on one of them. I quickly summon some ghouls and a ghast to give me some cover. They don’t last long. I try another spell and quickly learn these damn things are immune to most magic. I knew that, must be getting rusty. Shenora does a great job and captures one of them in a hungry pit. That keeps him busy for a while. I summon some dire tigers and Shatral keeps pounding. That golem goes down. The cats and one remaining ghoul keep it that way.

I turn my attention to what’s going on with Harold and his pet Leviathan which has joined the fray. Sebastien strikes again. I see Arakor is in bad shape a long way off. I teleport over close enough to use my healing hex to help. I am not sure it is enough. But then there is the Leviathan all up in my face. Time to switch places with Shatral. Sorry buddy, but he gets a few strikes in. The Leviathan sends Shatral flying but he’s still up. Someone gets the idea to banish him for a few minutes, to give us time to deal with Sebastien. We find him hiding behind the Brown Star. Arakor has none of that,. My cats help. He dies quickly.

Sinbad appears and revives both of them. Having died and been brought back, they are free of Lust’s spell. And a simple bitch slap to the Leviation seemed to have awoken him from his rage. Harold was dead, his enchantment was over. He was just mad at everything. Geesh, you free a guy 80 years earlier and it’s like he almost forgot about it. But he didn’t I guess and eventually stopped.

Time to run back to our demiplane and rest up. The others will meet their fate another day.

Session 34 - Suhrlock

It is clear that we must make our way around the world to find each of the demon lords who tricked us, and then we will kill them all. But we understand that we are each keyed to the one who was in our sin weapon, and hence the ones that killed us. That only seems fitting. I will definitely get my revenge on Envy.

But first, we must get our ship back. There are teleport traps covering all of the islands, and they’re getting worse. So we will head back to sea and move around the old fashioned way. Mav talks to his god (amazing that he still listens) and salvages our sunk vessel.

We head out to sea but are quickly scryed on and detected. It doesn’t take long for Harold’s forces to find us. We dive underwater. That helps for a bit. I gather a storm to blow us ahead. That keeps them away from us but we can’t outrun them. Eventually the battle is joined. We are victorious, but the larger battle is upon us.

Session 33 - Arakor

Well, I guess now I know why everyone got so pissed when I kept showing my weapons as we made our way to the forge. Between firegiants and gold dragons, I thought that reuniting the weapons with their other halves would bring unity to everything. Boy were we wrong. Hindsight, when good gold dragons try to prevent you from doing something, it’s probably best to stop and listen to them. Not that they took the time to even attempt to explain stuff to us as to why. But between fighting fire giants and gold dragons, swimming through pools of acid, I guess it should have been obvious to us. But, we are pirates. And powerful weapons make powerful allies. But we all found out too late. Painfully late. Once we had beat the dragons and fire giants and other stuff when we locked ourselves in the forge, hearing Noctis try to bash his way in gave us no pause for consideration of anything. We put the stones in their place and then weapons in the forge. And once it clamped down on our arms, there was no going back. But there was no way we could have anticipated what came next. The sins manifested wholly in the material realm. Free form what apparently was a prison in the weapons. No wonder they wanted us to join the 2 halves together. My hands had the stones buried in them. I didn’t even fell them. One by way they took lives. Snapping necks. Eating dragons and friends in gulps. Lust turning Harold and Noctis into mindless zombies to do her bidding. One by one I watch them all die. Until there was only me. Too weak to do anything, like everyone else. Our lifeforce drained to power the sins. My neck snapped and it all went black.

Then I opened my eyes and witnessed what can only be described as my own personal hell. No armor, no weapons…just tattered rags. the worst part? no water anywhere. My throat was dry all the time, yes somehow I never died from dehydration. Just heat and aridness everywhere. It seems to drag on for what seemed lifetime. After a while, the lack of the material things didn’t bother me. I think maybe I even went into a zen-like state. I remember sitting there and all of sudden being pulled away. I was weak. Still so weak. But happy to be back in the real world. Or what seemed like the real world at least. I could smell the humidity and the sea air. Feel the breeze. And there, with me, were my companions. We all looked beat to hell, but changed. I think for the better for the most part. Our savior’s name was Sinbad. And apparently, he was Shenora’s great-grandson! I mean, wow. We had to hurry though. And be quiet. Apparently, the sins had laid waste to most of the world. Turned all of the Harrigans into slaves to do Lust’s bidding. And Noctis. Rickety hasn’t been since since the sins arrived. So maybe there’s some hope there. While everyone got into the boat Sinbad had waiting for us, I felt relieved to be able to transform into my shark form and just enjoy the water following them. Where did he take us? To our demiplane that somehow was still in existence. We arrived and I went into my hybrid form and met this elderly woman. She looked very familiar. Yeah, this was Shenora’s daughter! Talk about kismet. But I doubt it’s coincidence the offspring of Harold and Shenora managed to stay alive. And have a kid on top of that. I wonder who the father was. She explained what had gone on since the time we disappeared. We had all of our saved gold still in the demiplane. And other thigns we had saved. But I didn’t need them. Only I had nobody to give it away to. But we were so tired we needed to rest.

The next day we awoke and Sinbad and Jubaline did something to us. I could feel myself again. My old self. Still changed a bit. But I know that my desire to give everything away was from the charity stone embedded in my hand still. They suppressed the stones influence. But we’d been gone for a long time. Dead, to be honest. We needed time to recover. And it took weeks. Retraining with my old weapons from before the sin weapons. Sinbad and Jubaline helping create or recreate items we once had to help us somehow find a way to combat the sins. They took us at our most vulnerable. But they will get their come-uppance. But it will take some time. We need to prepare. hey, that’s temperance, isn’t it?!

Dorric - To Hell and Back

My Hell was full of fire and smoke. Traditional, but with a twist. I awoke on the same stone floor where I had been burnt to ash. The Forge was behind me and my companions were beside me. Ahead, a gold dragon landed and roared. My body moved. But everything was wrong. My steps were off. I did not hold Barackett, but instead a simple longsword. I swung it about like a child. I realized, then, what Pride had planned for me.

The first hundred or so reenactments were just of me and my opponent. I was a monk. Then a wizard. I wielded weapons that spit fire and smoke. I charged with an axe, raging at the world. I could barely contain the magic coursing through my veins. And I failed. Every. Single. Time. Don’t misunderstand, there were quite a few times that the gold dragon fell. Those times were just to raise me high enough that Pride would take some measure of satisfaction in grinding me into paste. And he did…repeatedly. The weight of that maul was the curtain for many acts in this play.

Eventually I suppose he grew bored. There was variation, later on. Pride turned the simulacrums of my friends on me. Arakor cut through my defenses time and again, a dervish that I was always just too slow to stop. When it was Rami’s turn, I ended up pinned to the wall in whatever position Pride thought most humiliating at the time, unable to even see my assailant. Shenora’s simulacrum buried me in screaming darkness, burnt me to a crisp, and robbed me of my senses completely. Finally, Pride had Surlock twist Shantral into forms half remembered from my childhood nightmares. Seventy years, I would later be told….seventy years in that Hell.

I write this from our personal demiplane which is also the refuge of Shenora’s daughter, Jubaline. Her great grandson, Sinbad, brought us back. I was catatonic for awhile. Rami had to carry me. When we arrived, Jubaline explained the current state of the world. The Shackles were divided into fiefdoms among the Sins we had released. Harold, Nightmare, Noctus…they were all enslaved. We were brought back because we still had the Gems of Virtue fused to us. These Gems were the key to sealing the Sins away once again.

There seemed to be an unspoken agreement among us that we all needed time to process our return to life and the scars we carried from Hell. I found a pair of longswords buried amidst the plunder and launched into one of the old forms I’d learned in the monastery. I don’t know what the others will decide but I’ve made an oath in my heart. I will see this through. Wielding Pride had not changed me…at least not completely. I realize now I’d always carried that vice inside me. Always believing I was destined for something greater, that I was necessary in the greater scheme of the gods.

What mattered now were the Gems. I pledged myself to give Humility a chance to seal Pride and said a small prayer to Gozreh that I would be able to watch the seas heal once our task was complete.

Shenora-Dear Jubaline

Dear Jubaline,
The months my body was pregnant went fast in our home plane. About 7 months I spent in a dimensional plane with your father, Harold, curled up and watching you move under my skin. To think the worst thing that I thought would happen is that the world wouldn’t exist for you to have a place to grow up. I am so sorry you were born to a deaf mother, who didn’t listen to her conscience.
When I died, my hell was just and empty room for me to relive each moment of every mistake that took me away from you. For me to re-examine and watch what a fool I was and even to ruin the good times watching what a fool I had been, second guessing what was real and what wasn’t and having no grip on my reality but only to know my own stupidity. When we first emerged to you I am sure I was so unstable that I didn’t know if I was crazy or not and going to wake up to a fresh new nightmare where you just keep getting taken away from me.
I know now I was clouded by the voice of my weapon. Wrath was not just in my hand but in my head and heart. Wrath that I actually thought I was going to be one of the people who brought this world to their knees and rejoice is some type of equalitarian justice. Wrath made me feel that a near mortal like Noctus was the real enemy and grew my blind pride. For seventy years I sit patiently waiting for the wrath to leave my heart but it doesn’t.
I know now that the games I played with your father, Harold, were quite possibly nothing more than me being a pawn in a game. He seemed to care for me. I was so focused on if he loved me but never mentioning the words, never having the courage to ask, never wanting to define what we had and just wanted to enjoy it and do the jobs at hand. It has been seventy years I sit in a room and relive our fights and joys and wonder if it was all tainted. At the end of seventy years, I saw your face. I saw my face in yours. I am a 95 year old woman in a 25 year old body who knew nothing until I saw your face. When I saw you, patience hummed inside my head letting me know I finally found the answers to my seventy year long torment.
It never mattered if he loved me. It never mattered if he was working with Noctus all along. It never mattered if Harold loved me or still does. In your eyes, I knew, I love. That couldn’t have happened if I didn’t love him. It didn’t matter if I was his pet, his best friend, his annoyance, his partner, his spell bender, his sex slave… it didn’t matter if it was real for him or not. It was and is real for me. He may have betrayed me or he may constantly be my hero but the circumstances of our connection are insignificant to the reality that I do love him only dwarfed in comparison to my love for my dear child Jubaline.
I know I have only apologized about a hundred times for the fact that I will only know you as an old wise woman. You will in my lifetime always be older and wiser than me. You have not only save me, but not it seems you must watch me mature when it was supposed to be the other way around and it’s not fair. You have asked that I stop apologizing and only go save your father. I can rescue him and I will love him, and I may have to kill him. I will always regret not staying in another plane and being your family. I’m sorry I never even considered that as an option because now it seems like it would be my only option if I could go back.
I enjoy Sinbad, your grandson… my great grandson. He has a spirit that I recognize and I can see you are such a survivor. I wish I could have watched your life as your brought men to their knees, because that’s just damm good fun. I know that’s probably not very motherly to say, but I’m still me.
This my dear daughter, will be my last apology to you for dying. We have work to do, your father to meet and save and a world to put right again. My love for you is unmasked, but my duties to you are just beginning. We will set the world right my dear, not for good and not for evil, but for those of us who love to walk the line and hopefully not the plank. I will fix this for you my love.

Faithfully Yours,

Session 33 - Dorric

After leaving the ruined cathedral, we entered the city proper. Hard to believe all of this was just waiting underneath the mine the whole time. Our destination was the volcano in the center – that’s where the Forge was buried. Five miles of hiking…with Pride complaining about my posture the whole time. I tried to ignore him. I briefly considered trying to activate the Abbot’s seal, but we needed him as well as the other weapons. Noctus wasn’t going to kill himself. The others seemed lost in thought as well.

I was pulled from my musings when Rami pointed out a figure scaling and then entering the mountainside. That was our way in. Once inside we found a cave filled with pools of acid and elementals to match. After casting some protection from energy spells we played whack-a-mole with their faces.

Further in we came across a fire giant. Shenora tried to reason with it but a horn blast was all we got for our troubles. Several of his allies showed up, including three gold dragons. Surlock stepped up and tried to negotiate passage to the Forge, but once again these creatures were not interested in making a deal. Their demeanor shifted from hostile to murderous once Arakor flashed Urgot and Chellan.

It was at that point that Rami grabbed me and we made our Planeshifted escape. Shenora and the others followed soon after. We all holed up in the cathedral and discussed our next move. The chamber the dragons had been in was the location of the Forge. Rami was able to describe precisely where the it was and the other objects in the room down to the merest pebble. Useful talent, if a little unnerving…

The sound of wingbeats and roars dispersed across the city. The dragons were hunting us. Now was our chance. Shenora grabbed everyone and teleported us back into the Forge chamber. We bolted for the Forge immediately upon materializing, but we weren’t quite fast enough…

Another roar and resounding slam echoed behind us. I turned. One of the gold dragons had flown back in, somehow alerted to our presence. We all readied our weapons but in the brief moment that I met the dragon’s gaze…I felt a fleeting sense of fear, then an overwhelming sense of disgust. How dare this creature stand in our way! What I was doing would save all their miserable lives! They should be thanking me on bended knee. They should be groveling!

The words I spoke came from some small, dark corner in the back of my mind. Other foes appeared from side chambers and passages but my eyes were fixed on the first gold dragon. Pride drew itself from the scabbard. It lunged. My arm followed.

I came to with my arm locked into an apparatus of the Forge. That damn weapon had mind controlled me. Again! At least he steered me to the Forge. We wanted the same thing after all. I heard distant banging from the front of the chamber. Shenora is yelling something about Noctus and Harold. I turn to Rami, a question on my lips but even that small act exhausted me. It was like my body was moving through tar. What in the…?

Through the light of the Forge, I saw Pride vanish. The clamps released. The doors of the chamber burst open. Harold and Noctus strode in together. Why? What was going on? I reached for another weapon on my person but found nothing. I had relied on Barackett far too much….

I looked up from my frantic searching to see 7 arch devils. I saw on the faces of my companions the same realization and dread that now hit me. We released them. The Forge was not a device to strengthen the weapons, but one to unmake them…and release the creatures trapped inside.

I tried to summon some measure of divine power to stand against them but I felt so weak. I made it but a single step before a blast of Hellfire struck me in the chest and removed any feeling at all.

Session 33 - Suhrlock

The forge was about five miles from the temple where we were located. A hike for sure but the roads were easily passable, even though no one seemed to be anywhere near. But Rami said he saw someone enter a cave on the side of the mountain leading to the forge. Too far to make out but at least we now know we are not alone. I thought about summoning something for us to ride but I kind of enjoyed the hike. I still needed some time to understand my new skills, and to talk to Shatral about how he had changed.

Once at the mountain we discovered the cave floors were filled with acid. Not nice, but nothing a bunch of resist energy spells couldn’t cope with. We made our way lower and lower, eventually coming to a larger pool of acid. We quickly found some acid elementals swimming around inside. They weren’t so nice. I teleported myself and Shatral to a ledge on the other side. More room for the others to move about and besides, my boots were getting acid-logged. The battle wasn’t too bad. The elementals kept splitting up but they fell soon enough. We continued along the corridor, now of worked stone. We saw a lava giant ahead of us. We tried to talk to him but he blew a horn and warned everyone that we were here. So much for surprise. We still tried to talk but he wasn’t having it. He died fairly quickly. But before he did we saw three gold dragons, more lava giants, and a few others hideous things inside the forge area. Rami was scared and teleported back to the chapel. We hesitated but decided to follow up. Splitting up is no good. Back at the chapel we saw the three dragons fly up and start looking for us. Maybe if they’re not home we could teleport back in and deal with the giants without a distraction. So, back we went via Shenor’s help. Glad we didn’t end up in Hell.

Back at the forge the giants were gone but the gold dragons immediately came flying back down and pounced on us. I’m not all righteous but I was starting to wonder why gold dragons were so intent on killing us. But really we were just in battle, defending ourselves or something. Personally, I almost was scared to death anyway but I was able to overcome my fear. Shatral too, but just barely. I tried casting a couple of debuff spells on the lead dragon, but he was completely unaffected. Shatral made a better showing. He bit and grabbed one of them in his maw. Sweet. The others took care of the other two and two more than came from nearby gaves. Shatral ate the last one a few seconds later. We were alone with the forge, but only briefly.

Seconds later we hear banging on the door. It was Noctis. And Harold? What? He must be holding off Noctis, right? But it sure sounded like his golems were the ones doing the banging. Time was counting down. The sin weapons were telling all of us to hurry before it was too late. We raced to the forge. My mind was racing, but still not all there after recovering from the peg leg addition. I questioned why we were listening to the weapons. Something wasn’t right. But then it was done and too late. We were trapped. Manacled to the forge. Our weapons merged with the gems and formed arch demons or devils. I’m not sure which. Tannaris was a disgusting abomination. I hated him instantly. Which is about all the time it took for him to kill me and send me to Hell.

Strangely enough, Hell changed me. I felt calmer. Nicer, despite being dead there for 70 years. And eventually I was pulled out. Slowly at first but speeding up as I traveled back to the Material Plane. He said his name was Sinbad. Shenora’s grandson! He took us to her daughter, now an aged Sage who lived in my Demiplane with all of our gold. Our gear was lost but maybe not the war. Apparently the devils are controlling way too much but we, with our gems emblazened on our hands hold the key to bringing balance back. If only we weren’t still first level. And what do you know, it took a few days but Sinbad solved that problem too. Damn sweet. I felt me peg leg calling to me too. And then it was there, back on my leg despite some large chain being attached to it. I cut that shit off and felt its power course through me again. I’m going to be getting my revenge on something, kindness of heart or not. But first, we need to re-equip. I looked at my ledger. In the 70 years I had forgotten my little ploy to steal from my friends. That damn Envy. Almost made me do it too. I corrected the books and gave everyone their fair share. Now it’s time to go shopping. Battling without Envy providing me with rods so conveniently is going to change things. But I know it will be for the better.

Session 33 - Rami

You know how people will use “This time was different” as a rhetorical point, not as an assertion that reality had changed? Well, I’m not. This time was different. I guess it started out normal enough, but so much was changed by the end that I’m not sure where to go or what to do.

We saw that The Forge itself was in the center of the city in a Volcano, and Arakor and I could see that there was at least one creature moving on it. So, we trekked there, and didn’t find out anything interesting on the way. Up the volcano we climb and the others could determine the tracks were somehow influenced by acid, so, we prep for that. As we get in, there were 4 beings composed of acid that Surhlock tried to talk to, but they were having nothing of it. The creatures split, and split, and split, but we took them down. We then ran into a giant creature, and we spoke to him, but he just sounded an alarm and attacked. We saw into a huge room with more giants and I tried to speak to them, they release dragons, and attack. One of them briefly retorts, but won’t talk, they just attack. They don’t seem good, they seem bitter. If they only knew or had any foresight about what their aggression aided. I tried, perhaps not my hardest, but I tried. We were trapped in an enclosure about to be melted, so I teleported Dorric and I back to the building where we started. Shenora brought the others.

The dragons pour out of the volcano, and we decide that makes an awesome time to teleport back. The giants and dragons are gone, and I help to close the big door. Only the dragons still get in. Again, I tried to talk, and again they don’t speak anything that could have stopped this. And I am a fool for listening to a Harrigan brother. Well, Arakor made one a zombie, and I tried to make a friend of another. All the rest were killed. We hear a bang that could only be Noctis, and then another than could only be Harold. The weapons tell us what to do, how to complete what Harold told us to start. We do it. We are fools. We are drained, the virtue stones remnants are fused into us as curses. They transform into Demon Lords, enslave the Harrigans. Then our torment began.

We were sent to our own personal torments. I spent 40 years in torment, but it was actually 70. There is something to this. My mind has been tampered with, but I didn’t know it until now. I spent years with Chastity alone, there was no one else there, and nothing was there. There was nothing to see, no company, just a voice blaming for everything that has ever going wrong, that I have lusted for too much. No sleeping, no dreaming, unrelenting guilt. She had no mercy, her goodness is tainted, she cannot be relied on. She broke down the walls in my mind, she deserves my gratitude for that. The cultist (a necromancer, who raged for 15 years in a prison showing him how much good he did with people cheering his name for building so much), and the priest (a cleric, who spent 15 years forced to see death in every imaginable form) are still in my mind, but just as clusters of thoughts, not people in my head. There is a little more than that, but considered beneath Chastity’s torment. It is just their memories and bundles of their powers left by the telepath who forced us together (things that will go with them if I banish them. There are things that can still be learned from them, but I’m in control.

At the end of this, we were returned. I quickly determined what was happened, and acted like nothing happened. A strange man took us to the island of Niidhaug’s Grave. Only nothing was there. Well, the cultist’s altar to Demogorgan. We are led to the demiplane and see an old woman. She restores us. She is also Shenora’s daughter, and the man is Shenora’s great grandson. We then replaced our equipment amongst wreckages.

This leaves me in a weird place. I asked about mini me, and not one of them even knew who he was. So, the one part of me that I left for the world is not only dead, but considered inconsequential. Everything life I touched, every place I loved, are all dead. This planet is dead. Why should I stay? The astral plane is like a huge sea with immense opportunities. Why not pirate there instead? I spent a day drifting there, and it felt nice.

I realize Shenora has a reason to stay, but she should take her family and leave. She’s never liked me enough for me to rebuild a broken world for. Arakor will probably want revenge, and he is welcome to that, but vengeance won’t bring back my connection to this place. Surhlock is harder to know, but I suspect he’d feel close enough to the other two to stay just because. Dorric had a mission of some sort, and maybe he has people who are there for him for this cause, I don’t. I’m a pirate, and when the risks outweigh the rewards, you look to other seas.

Shenora Session 32

It does feel good to be back with the crew again. Since we have been gone however, Noctis’s fleet has become a special kind of badass, designer created to kick our asses. While we can take one ship at a time, as they are full of a perfectly rounded team of mages, bards, druids, barbarians and other assorted kicker of butts, but taking on two would be difficult and three is pretty much a death wish. So we have had to sharpen our skills of GTFO.
Harold discovered that the forge we need to put the stones together with the sin stones, are somewhere beneath a mytheral mine. This thrilled me, as I like that island and all the people. It also makes us a lot of money and some of the best parties are with our miners. The trick was, how to get there fast. Shurlock knows how to cast a demi plane so we ran around a bit while he created one large enough for us to sail into. The funny thing was, no one knew a gate spell to get us out. I called Harold, which I hadn’t ever really done before. I suspected he had some type of tracking on me, since he always seemed to show up just when we need him and this proved it. I can understand why he didn’t tell me, I might have objected before the baby. I knew he had the gate spell however, because he comes to me almost every night after my shift and takes me to see Jubaline. I can’t say as I have ever been protective of my life, but now that I have her sweet face to look at each night, I do have something to live for which is what made me think to learn the spell force shield. It does come in handy and Harold feels better that I will make it back each night. Guys don’t even notice I’m gone since on this plane it’s like I’m only gone for about 15 minutes. They take longer to take a dump, so it’s nothing to them even if they are awake.
Harold did get us a gate back to the mines, and there were some of Nocti flunkies there, apparently we are kinda a big thing. We would have been overtaken, but an old friend joined us. Blackbeard was a sight to be seen. He cut though those ships like they were cream cheese. We did some battling and stuff and there was one of the Harrigan brothers there. I remember his as slightly pias and not very friendly but very much a bad ass in his own right. I believe he deemed us “not ready” or “not worthy yet,” at the time we met him. Apparently now we must meet his standards better and he did seem to know who I was in relation to his brother. Before he left he gave me a wink or something and said “Cute kid,” as he left. Then Blackbeard gave Shurlock his old peg leg that was loaded with all kinds of magical abilities. If you are going to be down a leg, this is something certainly easier makes life more interesting.
We went back to the mine and figured out we need to go underground to find the forge. After a complicated system of lava, acid and other maze like swim systems, I found a smooth rock wall and just busted though it. It wasn’t water anymore because it was a air filled temple type room which now had a hole in the ceiling and a waterfall. We mended it well enough, but that is how we arrived in Atlantis. It’s a little darker and run down than we might have anticipated, but it looks like we may not be the only living beings down here.

Session 32 - Suhrlock

The demiplane wasn’t the most exciting place but it served its purpose. We were safe, and we could get back to our mine to start to pursue the forge down below. But first to get our ship out of the astral plane. Well at least that was the plan. Except none of us knew how to plane shift. Fortunately we have powerful friends who can teach my familiar some new tricks. But we only have a few minutes. I quickly dimension door (ina burst of flames! oops) to the docks. I cast a wall of earth to start on our gate when I see some ships in the distance. Noctis on one and military on two others. I teleport back to the gang. We hide and listen in. They’re looking for us. I guess coming home wasn’t the brightest idea. Fortunately our peeps are still our peeps. I guess paying them well was a good idea. Anyway, they wander back to their ships but don’t go far. We decide to leave our ships where it is. We have a few days before the demiplane vanishes anyway. We decide to make our way towards the forge.

Behind Harold’s illusions we work, until someone hears something and one of the big bad boats comes to investigate. We buff up and smash the crap out of them. I even brought a few giant squids to the party. They get smashed. Oops. But during the fight a dozen more ships are seen on the horizon heading our way. Oops. But before they get too close most start splintering, crashing, sinking, exploding, splitting in half, flying apart, and other means of destruction. Kind of fun to watch if I wasn’t distracted with the one ship in close. Turns out we still have powerful friends; Blackbeard and Sebastian Harrigan. Last time those two saw us it wasn’t so friendly. Blackbeard rejected my drink and Sebastian tossed us around like puppies. This time they saved our bacon. With the battle won the craziest most amazing thing happened. Blackbeard gave me a gift. Not just any gift but his old peg leg. Apparently he upgraded and remembered that shared in his one legged plight. Stunned. But I wasn’t above trying it on.

The power of the leg flowed through me. In fact, the next few days were a blur. I remember agony. I remember pain. I remember ecstasy. I remember fear. But mostly I remember power. Power like I’ve never felt it. I dismissed Shatral, soon realizing that I could command and control much more than currently was. I brought him back and shaped him to my will. I taught him new powers. I conjured new arcane knowledge to enhance his attacks. He and I will be a new force to reckon with.

But as soon as I regained my senses the others said we must be off. Too much time was wasting. I followed along still mostly confused. We swam. We were lost but the guys sensed their way through the labyrinth. And then we came through a ceiling. It was dry. Safe. And destroyed. Some type of long lost temple. But there in the center was the forge.


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