Plunder Haven

A sanctuary for pirates. No one turns them in or alerts the military of the presence of the island. Known also as the moving isles, the entire island rests on the back of a giant island turtle. If threatened, the island submerges under the water and emerges in a new location, as if using teleport. Once it dives, any pirate not in central square, and any ship not secured in port, is on their own. Sirens alert all on the island of the dive. 10 minutes after sirens go off, the island turtle submerges.

The entire island is protected by a special Wall of Force. The wall has never been breached, and as far as anyone knows is impenetrable. There is only one way to approach the island, and that is through ancient magic of unknown origin.

Any new pirates must sign a waiver saying they are bound by the code of the island. The waiver is actually a contract powered by every kind of magic known and some even unknown. Once signed, if they kill someone, the waiver creates a link to their killer and shows the name of the parties responsible. Once it is known, the paper is tied to their life. If the paper is ripped, cut, torn, or harmed in any way, the name of the one that signed the contract ends up taking the same penalty. (So if say, the contract is torn in half or burned, the one(s) responsible takes the same effect. The person that is in possession of the contract also knows when the perpetrator dies, as the paper will not disappear without their death) Few stories are known of people surviving for a while with healing magic and some protection, but that only allows the holder of the contract to find new ways to punish the one surviving it. Once the perpetrator is pronounced dead, the victim comes back to life without any negative repercussions, and the soul of the killer is lost forever. No amount of magic can bring them back from the dead. It is said that they are lost in limbo for eternity, never to be released.

This magic only works if the victim is within the island at the time of death. If anyone is killed off of the island, the magic is ineffective and the paper instantly disappears. Even if the perpetrator is off of the island by the time the page is discovered, the link still holds. It will even cross planes of existence. Currently, there is no known way to survive. Even if the page is stolen, it will slowly disappear in 24 hours, taking the perpetrator with it.

There have been attempts to revive people that have been effected by this magic. It is said that the one trying to use the revival spell instantly shares the same fate as the victim, regardless of location. Sometimes this results in death, other times it results in dismemberment or even disabilities.

Plunder Haven

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