Character Creation Outline

Character Creation Outline

Player’s Guide

Starting Level: 4

Race: Any, but clear 3rd party and uncommon races by me first.

Stats: 40 Point Buy

Alignment: Any non-good alignment. This is the age of Pirates, and you are pirates after all… Any class that requires a good alignment can be changed one step and still retain their class features. (Ex. A Paladin can be Lawful Neutral, as long as he/she keeps to his/her morals)

Classes: This is a gestalt campaign. No gunslinger or master summoner. Anything else should be fine. Please clear 3rd party by me first.

Skills: Additional two skill ranks per level for all. One skill may have the base stat changed to another stat of the same type (example: someone changing Diplomacy can make it either INT or WIS, but not STR, DEX, or CON)

Traits: 2 basic, non-campaign specific traits, and 1 campaign specific trait from the Skull and Shackles Player’s Guide. Use the Campaign Trait from the Skill and Shackles Player’s Guide to tell you where you start in the story and what happened to you.

Hit Points: Max HP for everyone :)

Backstory: a well written backstory of at least 2-3 paragraphs will garner a reward. Using parts from your Skull and Shackles trait in your backstory will garner an additional reward.

Equipment/Starting Gear: You may purchase gear like normal, but note that you will not have any of it on you as it has been taken from you when you “joined” the Wormwood.

Feat Changes; Weapon Focus and Weapon Specialization:

~Proficiency with a weapon is no longer a pre-requisite.
~Instead of choosing 1 specific weapon when selecting this feat, you will be able to select an entire Fighter Weapon Training Group and the bonus from these feats will apply to all of the listed weapons in the chosen fighter group.
~Any weapon listed in the Weapon Group you have chosen, you become proficient with.
~You may select these feats multiple times. Each additional time you select the feat, you must choose a new weapon group.
~If a weapon is listed in more than one group, the bonuses do not stack.

Teamwork Bonus Feats: At 5th Level, and every 5 Levels after that, you may choose a bonus teamwork feat.

Character Creation Outline

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