Black Flags

Session 21 - Surhlock

The tournament is about to resume and we are as ready as we think we can be, but we know that we must conserve our spells and such to make it through all four battles and defeat Plugg. For me, that means a bit more use of my hexes than usual, although I am not afraid of running out of spells as much as using up my Quicken Rod too early.

The first battle is against a handful of archers. The hit like a ton of bricks, at least with their first arrows. Arakor and Maverick contract a nasty, nasty poison while getting ice bombed. Fortunately Maverick used a Wind Wall and Shenora used Black Tentacles to keep two of them constrained and unable to blast us. We slowly beat them down from that point on but it was a careful dance for a while there. My Slumber hex and Hold Person spell were quite effective as well. Eventually Shatral got one of them inside his range and really laid into him. He had the archer in his mouth when the damn tentacles picked him up. It was quite a sight to behold if only I wasn’t worried about my friend. Little did I know my friend was going to be in for a lot more trouble in the next round.

The next round were a pair of Dread Wraiths, a caster, and a Lich. Shenora and I opened up with all of the fireballs we could muster in the opening salvo. Nothing went down, no surprise on the damn incorporeal wraiths but we did damage the two ‘real’ ones quite a bit. Arakor zoomed in and Shatral followed at his usual pace. But before i knew it Shatral was squared off against one of the wraiths. Three touches later he seemed to have almost all of his Constitution and health drained right from him. I let him counter-attack and then I pulled him out of there just as he was destroyed. Arakor and some of the others also took some nasty hits from those vile beasts. Fortunately he noticed a bag of potions laying on the caster. He deftly scooped it up as we were leaving the arena, apparently even disarming a trap at the same time. I didn’t notice a thing but I definitely noticed how that potion brought Shatral back to me.

What turned out to be the final combat of the day was a strange affair. The monk-rogue zoomed past all of us to beat on Maverick for a bit. Shenora and Arakor teleported back beside him and started attacking. Shatral ambled over although I think all he really did was to distract Arakor enough to finish him off. Meanwhile, the other three guys just closed in tight to one another behind some type of protective shield. We pondered that a bit. I threw in some snowballs which seemed to have little effect. And then Shenora had the bright idea of building a Hungry Pit beneath those burly oafs. Pretty funny. They all fell down. The she tells me to bury them in with a Wall of Stone. Why not? I rarely use that spell anyway. For fun she throws a smokestick in with them, kind of like thumbing your nose at the bully. Well, a minute or two later the pit disappears, or so we think based on the sounds but all is quiet. For good measure she does it again. And another two minutes later the pit is gone, we hear nothing, and Shenora turns my nice wall into mud. Splattered dead guys. I am not sure the crowd really liked that battle but who cares, we are victors and on our way to the final bout against Plugg.

Except. He. Doesn’t. Show. Chicken shit bastard. Worst yet, we find out he stole our bleeping ship. But before that happens we collect our prize. Arakor seems rightly giddy with his new sword Greed. I think Greed must have some mental control capabilities too because suddenly Arakor wants to hold onto his money and even sell some of his magic items. Silly shark guy. I pick up a sweet little summoning shadow staff. Totally cool. Oh and we got a nice pot of money, although we do need to put some of it into the ship’s crew fund. Maverick and Shenora volunteer to split what is needed. Damn. I mean I really appreciate it because I need to acquire some more metamagic rods. But that was a lot of money. Thanks guys.

Session 20 - Arakor

Well, after making it to the last set of teams with this other heavily armored team, we found out that the main event battle in the next round is us against them tomorrow. So we had some time to rest and prepare. And man were we prepared. We entered the arena to thunderous applause. At least I’m assuming it was for us. We were pretty impressive yesterday. Right before the sounding of the start, we do our normal prep only this time, Suhrlock pulls out 3 huge dinosaurs to help in the battle. Very impressive. Then, all of a sudden, they start disappearing just as quickly after the paladin looking guys summon some things of their own(archons according to my guys who know things about the planes). Well, that was rather unexpected so we proceeded with our usual tactics knowing that if these guys get in their own formation, they can really put a hurting on you. So Suhrlock has Shattrall move up to engage one of the scythe wielding guys after they get off some rounds of fireballs and stuff. But, as much damage as they took, those damn archons kept healing them back up. Well, with my enhanced speed I was able to get to the scythe guy and get some attacks off but all of them are wearing damn locked gauntlets. Maybe I should learn to Sunder those sorts of things? Anyway, Jazz got separated from me between the archons and the other team of paladins moving in and blocking the way from her joining me. After some devastating rounds of attacks I finally take out the guy on me. And it took every ounce of attack I could muster. Duck and parry. Strike, riposte. Eventually, between fireballs, cones of cold, Mav turning into a dragon and breathing and healing, we eventually take the group out except for 1 who surrenders. Coward. We’re all beat to hell ourselves. But then we find out that the REAL main event will start in 3 days in back to back to back fights, so we’re gonna have to plan this out somehow because we can bet that Plugg and his crew will be the last fight and we need to make sure that we keep some in reserve for him and his guys because they’ll be the toughest of everyone I’m willing to bet.

So, with 3 days to kill and recover, we move forward with our normal logistical stuff. Gold mine is all good so we sell some stuff there. Then we proceed to the mithril mine and find there’s a problem. They tell us that Bonewrack is gone. Destroyed by someone..something. people are just dead, turned to stone, etc. Just a mess. So we head to Obses to ensure it’s still ok and luckily enough, it is. So, we decide to go see Rickity and Harrigan to see if the know what happened but Rickity wasn’t there. According to his people, he had gone to Bonewrack Isle and hasn’t been seen since. But we didn’t see him there. Well, if he WAS there and got away or got recused, Harrigna must’ve had something to do with it so we head there. And at first, it looked like a hurricane hit the place. Then as I focused more, it was more of his illusion so we proceeded to his home and who do we find there? Rickity. Minus an arm. Apparently it got cut clean off by the guy who was apparently looking for us. Apparently, the boat we’ve been so excited on getting didn’t belong to the guy we killed and took it off of. It belonged to his boss. Who is apparently a badass and near a god with the destruction he rained down on Bonewrack. I’m not sure what to do about it but we decide to gather what money we have and see if he’ll accept a replacement voucher. Because we didn’t know it belonged to him and, yeah, we’re chickening out. We ain’t fuckin with someone who can destroy an entire city on his own pretty much. I’ll make that guy my friend if I can. Who knows, if we can get him on our side maybe it’ll be good for our plans of creating the pirate lands? As for Rickity, we let him know that we’ll be back as soon as Mav is able to learn the Regenerate spell so we can give him his arm back since that’s out of Harrigan’s scope of knowledge. Overall, the plan is to rebuild on the ruins of Bonewrack for our new city for the free captains and pirates against the corrupt military. I’m glad we bought those lyres of building. And luckily our favorite blacksmith was turned to stone and not destroyed so we were able to bring him back. If only we could get our business guy back….but he’s dead dead. Until we can use something a little more powerful…..

Session 20 - Surhlock

The next day’s battle commences at high noon. The crowd is clearly blood thirsty with anticipation but we calmly prepare for the battle ahead. I buff up Shatral with Barkskin, Shield, and some additional strength from the rod. Maverick starts to sing after casting Haste, Bless, and Prayer. And then I pull in three huge ankylosaurus to fight along side us. Meanwhile, we see the four baddies bring in four archons. Mayhaps they are not so evil after all. Then the battle begins. The move quicker than us (cause moving quicker than an ankylosaurus honestly isn’t that hard) and the next thing I know they have all been dismissed. Yikes. Those Archons are going to be trouble.

With them close together Shenora and I open up with Fireballs while Arakor and Shatral move in. One pair of dudes intercept and separate us. Arakor is on his own for the time being, and Shatral is paralyzed in fear for a round by an Archon. We keep blasting away but they are healing each other and the Archons are joining in. Fortunately they spend so much time on healing that they are not taking us down either. Arakor is wounded but standing, but and later they move close to Maverick and almost kill him. Although in dragon form he is forced to spend some time keeping us alive. And then they try to focus on me. I take a few, but my handy-dandy cloak and armor shock them back. Ha. So I Damnation Stride out of there to the other side of the arena. Ha. But they follow and attack again. Dammit. This time I Damnation Stride to Maverick’s back. Ha. So they fly up after us. Dammit. Screw that, my friends kill them off.

We have three days until the next round of battles. We are told it will be a marathon from here, three consecutive battles in one day. We will have to be a bit more prudent on saving spells to kill of Butt Plugg when we see him. But in the meantime we check in on our kingdom. We sell our loot at the gold mine. All is well there. We check on Bonewrack but the Mithril MIne informs us of a problem. Our sales outlet has been ravaged. We check and confirm that it has been totally destroyed. The entire town. And we learn that whoever did this was after us. Fortunately Obses is also okay so we go check on Rickity to see what he knows. Except he is not there and his folks are worried. Next on to Harrigan’s where we find both of them but Rickity is missing an arm. And it’s our fault. Maverick begins to pray to his god that one day he can right this wrong. I sure hope it works.

But in all despair there is hope. We start to plan. We bring a few locals back from being petrified. We start to rebuild. We are going to have a new city. A better city. We set up the core, a group of trusted allies who can work on the place while we are gone. Minus the mafia Parsaurum will be great.


The same group that was gloating in the middle of the arena was in fact who we ended up facing off against in the semi-final rounds. Clerics who just kept healing over and over again, dragging out the battle for what seemed to be an eternity. I feel like we had flashier spells and a dragon, we won not only the battle but the crowd favor. They seemed to enjoy when we took flight to finish off the final two.

Going into the final rounds, we are finding out a bit about the other teams. Plug is heavily favored to win and we won’t face him until the final round. I imagine we are going to have to go in melee hard and spells last, but our plans never work out the way we plan anyway.

The ship will be done at the end of the tournaments. I am hoping that perhaps we can call Harrigan before the fights, perhaps he’d like to sit in our cheering section. I wouldn’t mind a little recreational time with him prior to the big fight if he’s up for it.

Session 19 - Maverick

So as the easterly winds blow, we spot the affable Blackbeard and his crew tussling with the sky. The sky, once visible happened to be several hundreds of reapers, possibly looking to cull the freeman and his lot.

We let them be and strode across the plains of another living flower. We came upon a woman, passed out, and from what I could tell, hardly alive. I passed a hand across her breast, to gain a reaction but none was to be had.

Surhlock and his impatience got a hold of him as he poured some healing magicks into her ravaged soul. Hmm, I have to admit, I didn’t believe the witch had it in him.

((chuckles a bit))

We decide to help the poor soul find her dragged about husband, also taken by the reapers.

The poor man had been placed in a tree, perhaps a snack for later, or like the tree born cats do, save their quarry for more desperate times.

Once patched and healed, the two inform us of some sentimental treasures that are on the next flowered island. The one dipping into the water, as if dying from the corruption spewed by the reapers gathered there.

We scurry along, as aphids across the wide petals of a orchid. Our newest companions lead us towards the center, where they halt, suddenly without word. We assume that more reapers are hidden in front of us, however once True Sight is cast, we see Blackbeard and his crew resting.

Blasts of magic jut from Blackbeard’s crew, laying upon the two, who now appear to be reapers in disguise…. unknowingly to us, leading us to our deaths.

I think to myself, I should have examined those breasts a bit more closely.

((chuckling again))

Journeying on, we find ourselves at the Aqueduct, a place of wonder. These shipwrights have it down to an art, an elaborate dance; lift, bang, lift, set, bang, shift… a boat, or rather I say, a SHIP!

We place our order and now we wait… I should get a drink.

Session 19 - Surhlock

Before we made our way to the fourth flower/island, we noticed Blackbeard’s ship out to sea fighting of something that we couldn’t see. A few See Invisibility spells later and Shenora and I could tell that they were battling a whole horde of Grim Reapers. By the judge of it we weren’t going to be much help so we continued on our way to the fourth island. There, we met a mutilated body but amazingly she was still alive. Maverick was too busy feeling her up so I healed her up enough to proceed. She said they were stranded on these islands and that her husband had been taken by an invisible fiend. It was close to night so we made our way to the center of the island, hid the log pose so they could recalibrate, and the next day we followed the trail using a new spell by Arakor that let him track flying creatures. It led to the next island where Blackbeard and his friends were still battling the reapers although it seemed they were winning. This last island was dead, destroyed by the presence of the reapers. We followed the log pose again to the middle of the island where we ran into Blackbeard and his friends. As soon as they saw us though, they blasted the crap out of the people we found. Apparently they were reapers disguised as innocent people. Oops. no hard no foul I suppose and Blackbeard didn’t seem to mad about it. Actually, they were Marked for Death and by killing those last two the marks were removed. Maybe he owes us now? Nah, probably not.

We did learn from Blackbeard that Mr. Plugg was already at Aqueduct 8 which was just over the horizon. So we set sail and sure enough arrived before long. It was an amazing place, a mountain of concrete with water flowing everywhere. A few of the ship berths were just enormous. We chose a more normal one and made our way, on a super-speedy seahorse water taxi, to the main castle at the top of the hill. There the most massive of gates was easily manhandled by just a guy. Just a guy on tattoo steroids. And he wasn’t the only one. The entire shipbuilding enterprise was made up of juiced up, speedy, super builders. An impressive sight. I went to the cashier and paid the remaining dues on our ship, and they started building immediately. Within an hour the keel was laid but they said it would take another couple of days to finish. Time to explore.

Selling our stuff wasn’t so great. These guys weren’t as impressed with our loot as most places so we decided to hold off for a better deal later. I mean, we all have some jingle in our pockets so I guess it is fine but I really would like to buy another metamagic rod or two. Anyway, we then made our way underneath the shops to find a Colosseum with Plugg and three of his buddies claiming victory. Victory that will ultimately lead to Greed. We can’t have that so we joined the competition and soon found ourselves lined up for battle. The floor of the arena was filled with about ten squads just like ours. A free for all. We buff up. I summon a handful of Cerebi to help, and then it is on. We go after the first group in a nearby corner with Arakor and Shenora slashing them up. Shatral goes in but gets cut up good, a recurring theme. I ended up spending more time than usual keeping him alive. Maverick helped with his channels, except when he was busy flying off going 1v1 against a druid dragon. A team of anti-paladins just settles into the center of the field coaxing and cheering. They look like they’ll be a handful but that is for another day. I charm one of the others to come to our side. I put two more to sleep. The hounds take their punches and Shatral limps through. Eventually we prevail though, just us and the anti-paladins remain. Tomorrow we face off against them. We’ll be ready, because Arakor is getting greedy.

Session 18 - Maverick

Hmm, I suppose I should regale with some tales of adventure on the high seas. I could say there was an island made of gigantic flowers which decide to make you a meal as the moon rises above the clouds.

OR I could tell you about this wondrous city that floats among those clouds. A miracle among the deadly and unforgiving waters of the line.

Let’s talk about the “free” Captains island, that basis how much you can sell or buy on the amount of bounty that you have earned. A hive of scum and villainy would be much too generous of a description.

OH but wait wait, that’s not as interesting as the concept of going from a charming well spoken leader of a random crew of skallywags and merchantmen to being a charming and well spoken leader of a nation.

((strokes chin as if in deep thought))

Yes, that does sound like an interesting story. Myself and the others have happened upon a boon that could lead us down this road. I keep my words short but meaningful. We, myself and comrades, shall make history among all the free Captains… uniting the willing in a congregation against the tyranny of the so called Military.

Now to come up with a decent name for ourselves.

Session 18 - Arakor

After everything got all settled down, we got down to business. 20 people signed up to join up with us to work the mines. Now to determine what to do. With all this gold, we may end up flooding the market and making it all worthless but we have a better idea…We become a sovereign nation of free captains opposing the tyranny of the military fleet. Yeah! Still, there’s a bunch of stuff we need to do for that but I think it’s the best course. I mean, anything to destroy the corruption of the military and the navy. We don’t need those guys looking over our shoulder at what we do. We kinda legit now what with 3 islands and stuff. Harrigan did show Surhlock how to do the gate thing so we can set it up between the 5 places, once we have 5. I’m thinking we have a high council on this new land of ours if we find more people who are willing to do it. It’ll be a declaration of war but now it’ll be an open declaration. Everyone knows we’re already at war with them. We were able to do some loot selling int he time we had until the log pose was ready for the next location. We actually had enough to give everyone a decent amount of loot and finish up getting the money we needed for the new boat at Aqueduct 8. I can’t wait to see that thing. It better be awesome for 1 million gold. Anyway, while we were gone doing our usual thing at the mines and selling and stuff, the boat was attached a few times. They survived(because we have an awesome crew) although we did have some casualties but we had more join the crew. While Surhlock didn’t think we needed them right now, we’ll definitely need them when we get this new ship so better to take them on now and lessen the load all around for the shifts than to really be thin when we get the new ship. I was able to get some new armor so now I won’t be left out of the loop when we have to fly up somewhere. And I also got a cool little add-on that will allow me to climb when needed too. Doesn’t last long but long enough to get where I need to go I think. I also got a couple new rings and some neat belt that allows me to switch them out as needed, which was nifty.

Eventually, the log pose gets its shit together and points us southwest so we head in that direction. It didn’t start off good though. No wind and just downright hot. Short time spent on deck. We even had to get magical crews to row to keep everyone who needed a break a break. Eventually, we came within sight of islands…or what we thought were islands…But they were gigantic flowers that formed islands. One per island. And the log pose was heading straight for them. Once we established that it wasn’t something behind the island, we anchored and rowed ashore.

Once ashore, it was like a little paradise. With dinosaurs. Fat and happy dinosaurs. Nothing charging us. a T Rex went skipping by and it wasn’t even Leo’s dinosaur and didn’t even take a 2nd look in our direction. SO we headed inland to where the log pose was directing us. We found the spot and decided to hang out not knowing how long it would take until we were redirected to the next island, whichever one it turned out to be. Well, as I wa son watch, the flower started closing on us. We were all able to gather our feet enough to not drop into the flower’s waiting maw. The damn thing tried to eat us. But I’m guessing not just us. Anything that falls in after getting to fat and happy and too slow to react. While we were getting our feet and bearings, some big gorilla looking things tried to attack us. Kill or be killed I guess on this island. They picked the wrong primates to attack. We got our wits about us and we started waling on them. I almost had my guy beat from the way he was getting wobbly until he wraps his big monkey arms around me and tried to squeeze me to death. And just as I was about to escape, one of the monkeys tackled the one grappling me and they tumbled over the edge into the waiting mouth of the flower. Luckily with my quickness I was able to get out of the way and hang on from falling in. After we finished off the rest of the apes, we got a little smarted about things and hung hammocks from the tree so if it opened again during the night, we would just hang like we were in a sling. Think smarter, not harder. The 2nd night we were prepared for the opening of the flower so that night ended up being uneventful luckily so we got some good rest.

On the 3rd day, the log pose settled and pointed us to the next island in line. As we got to the edge of the cliff of this island, the next island was only about 15 feet away and down form us so an easy leap. Or so I thought. I lost my footing just as I was about to make the jump and landed on my face but luckily on the other island. Shenora did a couple somersaults and backflips as she touched down lightly on the island. You win this time, Shenora….

We follow the log pose to the spot as required and clear out an area to settle in while we wait. Apparently, something else was waiting. A bunch of hangry vines. But we knew a thing or two about them and Suhrlock hit them with some cold to slow them down and we handled the rest by chopping it up into little salad pieces, which Suhrlock did a good job of seasoning up.

After waiting the designated amount of time, we were shown the way to island 3. This time, the edge was about the same distance but was up. No acrobaticsing it this time. So Instead, I used my new armor ability(no, not the Fly spell) but the sticking ability to have a climb speed for a bit. So, I made the jump and stuck on the other side like a spider and scrambled up. The rest flew or swung a rope or whatever suited them. We eventually got to the designated spot. I carefully went ahead to check it out this time since it looked like a huge crater or something and if it exploded like the island did when it went up, I could probably have the best shot at getting out of the way quick enough. Well, it was just a crater it looked like with a bunch of dead bodies in it. But with something wriggling around under them. It was then that I noticed that the area around the crate looked like it had been sucked dry of life. That can’t be good. As we see the wriggling vines after I tell them it’s ok to approach, Suhrlock starts laying down cover fire and all of a sudden skedletons/zombies are dying byt he score but the TRex skeleton that wa sin their rears up and seems to heal itself as more of the land is defiled. Meaning it’s healing itself while sucking life from the land around. Not cool man. So we fly up and start dropping fireballs with spells, and stuff(not me, I’m biding my time) when Suhrlock remembers that this particular plant thing send zombies out to spread its seeds so he devises a way to keep them trapped inside the crater. Or most of them anyway. We also figure out that we just have to hit this dinosaur skeleton with everything we’ve got all in one fail swoop. And we did just that. We all came in hard and heavy, spells and strikes divine fire. And by the time it ended, the TRex fell apart, a sword stuck in its chest. But not one of ours. APparently, it was one of the Sins. the one called Envy. Garvok had imparted this information to Shenora as well as the abilities of Envy, known as Tennaris to them. She’s more fond of spellcasters, which rules me out for the most part. Suhrlock seemed particularly pleased once he picked her up though. Now, all I need is Greed so I can kill Plunder and take Gluttony. Unless Green makes a strong bid for it or Greed becomes something I just cannot part with….And now we wait until the next island the log pose directs us too. How long this time?

Session 18 - Surhlock

Managing three islands and the Brown Star is getting to be more than just a distraction. We might soon need to hire a reliable quartermaster. But while I am thinking that to myself the others are entertaining the idea of declaring ourselves a full fledged nation. I am a bit leery about drawing too much attention to ourselves, especially before we get to Aquaduct 8 but what the heck.

We still had a few weeks before the log pose settled down so we focused on selling our loot. With the new cash we have built up our reserves high enough to buy the new ship. And it left some coin in our pocket for shopping. I used almost all of mine on Gauntlets of the Weaponmaster to help switch between my various metamagic rods.

Eventually the log pose says to go southwest into the sweltering heat of the open sea. The crew was even forced to row for a bit (I am sure the real people greatly appreciated my unseen crew). Soon enough we can to give giant flower islands. We vaguely remembered the stories about the log pose needing to get settled on each of them. We would have to inland.

The first island was full of sated and fat dinosaurs and other fauna. And one unlucky dead guy. We followed the log pose to the center of the island and set up camp. That night the damn flower tried to eat us. Well we were all to quick for a huge plant to catch us but many of the fat animals were not. Unfortunately some huge gorillas were quick too and attached as we were standing in the branches. Two of them focused on me grabbing me. But the first got quite a surprise from my armor and cloak zapping them. Then I teleported out of their grasp and unloaded with some spells. Within a few seconds two were dead and the other two took off. We were a bit more careful when it happened the next night.

Island number two was really dense. I sent Shatral home. He just couldn’t keep up. This time we found the log poses spot and started cleaning some land when we were attacked by some huge vines. I recalled that these things had nasty pollen which we couldn’t tell from Mavericks life bubble and that they were slowed dramatically by cold. So I used a widened cone of cold right into them and my friends knowing that they would get out of the way. Then they unloaded on them and finished the vines off quickly.

Island three had a large pit with all of the animals and plant life dead leading up to it. Arakor scouted ahead and reported that there were more vines and a bunch of dead bodies including a huge T Rex that was being controlled my the plants. I widened a fireball into the mass of dead things but wasn’t able to finish them off. But seconds later we can tell that the dinosaur healed itself by pulling life from around it. We needed to all unload on it at the same time. So we did, to great effect. All of us slashing, biting, and fireballing until it was dead.

And then amazingly we find Tennaris – Envy. Gavirick tell Shenora that he is fond of casters so he comes to my possession. It turns out that Tennaris is quite nice and is quite useful. He replaces my new gauntlets with even greater powers. Awesome.

Session 18- Shenora

Now that we have our own gold mine, dinner conversation has gotten interesting. Suddenly instead of talking routes and bounties, we are talking declaring our own nation. We have the means to do this is which is pretty amazing, but after all was said and done… if we fail we aren’t out anything. Harrigan thought is was a good idea. He’s really is such a sweet doll, but don’t let him hear me say it… he might spank me. In second thought, I might tell him myself.
Suddenly Plunderhaven popped up. For a ship of pirates that are about to form our own country, our bounty is only $600K. We can only spend $6k. Assholes, don’t they know who we are going to be? Harrigan didn’t seem to have that kind of cap on his shopping. I thought for a moment he was going to buy me a trinket. Perhaps we aren’t there yet. That is… if he can keep my interest. Honestly, until he propositioned me, I had no idea he even had any interest in me. I can now attest that he does have quite a few tricks up his sleeve, and perhaps I don’t mind being one of them.
After a few weeks of shopping, Harrigan and I said our polite goodbyes, and we were off to follow the log pose SW. The climate is changing, and making the air thick. It was about four days of sticky hot, when we saw the big island sized flowers, and that’s exactly where the log pose is telling us to go. Turns out the island is Arbores Vivere O’ Insulam. We know this because we stumbled upon a dead guy with a map he was drawing of these islands, who had met with some type of hungry prehistoric carnivore. In fact, everything around here grows like crazy and all the animals seem fat. Something about this place is very fertile. However in the night, the island tried to eat us. As we avoided falling into the hungry mouth as the petals of the island folded into itself and ate all the slower fatter animals. Then we were left staring at some of the more hungry monkeys who fought us through the trees, but eventually knocked them off. We managed to fashion some rope hammocks that made sleeping more comfortable, and after a couple of days the log pose let us know it was time to move to the next island. Maverick really seemed to like the berries, and suddenly we learned how the animals get so fat.
A few days later we went to the largest island, and found a big vine pit full of yellow zombies. I was surprised Garvok didn’t say anything, because in the pit we found Tenneris- Envy who has a fondness for zombies and metamagic rods. She seemed to have taken a liking to Shurlock. Turns out Tenneris is kinda stuck up, so Garvok said, but they are all family so it’s like some weird club in morning detention having breakfast together. We know where Pride and Gluttony are, and we don’t know where Lust is, she’s not answering, probably too busy. Greed however is north of us which seems to be the direction the log pose is pointing.


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