Black Flags

Session 7 - Rami

We came to the finale, the captain and his crew. Arakor snuck up and scouted out the place. Our friends were in chains and it was a mithral mine. Well, we saw the crew quickly, and devised a plan to take them out. What we didn’t know was that the captain was watching. Eventually I was able to see them with See Invisibility.

The captain wanted to know what we wanted, but our blood was up so we just attacked. The problem was they were displaced. The casters started out with 4 fireballs and that definitely lit things up. I then took out an archer who looked like trouble.

From there is turned into a slug fest with the fighters in the middle of the room. We went down some and they did too.

The lowest moment was when our healer went down. I was hurt by a crossbowman, Arakor and the lizard were near down too.

Fortunately, that’s when the displacements went down. After that the fight went better. Now we own a Mithral Mine!!!

Session 6 - Arakor

After finally getting in some sleep we headed back off to try and find our friends. I scouted ahead as usual and heard some voices. I tried to lure them with some fake sounds but apparently a cat was a bad idea. One of them took off down the hallway so I thought I would sneak up on the other one. Apparently though, that one could not only see invisibility but could also see in the dark like myself. Luckily, Rami was able to shoot her to death just before a bunch of others showed up. Luckily for us, they showed up together as a unit of strength, which also meant a unit of fiery death once the fireball hit them like a brick wall. We finished those guys off pretty quickly and continued down the hallway, me scouting ahead again as usual. I waited behind another corner and heard someone up ahead again, only this time they were asking if everything was ok. I bluffed my way through telling them yes but they didn’t seem wholly convinced so I waited until they rounded the corner to check to gut him from stem to stern and kept it quiet. We did some looking around and found some neat treasure. Nothing I needed but cool nonetheless. Then we came to a big room. We could hear voices coming from above us but nobody else seemed to be able to figure out what they were saying other than me since I seem to be the only one who learned the giant dialect. I spoke with the ones I was able to coax down and convinced them we weren’t there to hurt them but we were just looking for some friends. They were a little skittish for hat were apparently cave trolls or cave giants or something. Of course, hearing that there could possibly be hundreds of them hiding in the high ceiling we couldn’t see was also a big determining factor. I assured them we would speak to the sahaugin about coming in and raiding them any more whilst also taking care of some pirate who stole their lair from them named Rogar or something. Seems like a win-win situation for us. The trolls sent some scouts ahead of us to clear the way of the plants that would have attacked us. We made our way through to what seemed to be like a main area of some sort but the trolls called it the scorpion den or something and they weren’t kidding! Huge fiendish looking scorpions came at us as soon as we entered. I also noticed some archers up on some ledges as well. Most of us set off to take care of the scorpions while Rami dealt with the archers since they were up out of our reach currently. It didn’t take us too long to take care of the scorpions and they fell away quickly. Those archers though were some serious business Even Rami was having trouble hitting them. Suhrlock was able to wall of ice one of them though to block them off from shooting us because they had some serious power behind those arrows. They hurt like hell. Rami was finally able to finish off one of them which left one more ot deal with. Somehow, Joka climbed on top of the wall of ice and tried to snag the other archer but couldn’t seem to get a handle. and the ledges were too small for more than 1 person so if I couldn’t get up to her, I would bring her down to me…so I started hacking at the platform. Apparently that was her queue to try and take off so that’s what she did. She tried to run. Or rather, fly. Only we were faster since she had to take the time to cast a spell to fly away and with use under the influence of a Haste spell, her speed was no match for ours and we caught her and ended her quickly. They did have some nice bows though and both Rami and Shenora got them. I also got some of the nicer bracers like Rami has so I’m good with that. We also got some stuff that boosted our mental and physical prowess, although it seemed they were different for each person. Then the oddest thing happened…some old crone with a mobile shop showed up in the middle of the cavern. I mean, I’m not gong to looka gift horse in the mouth when it affords the opportunity to sell loot and buy new stuff to help with the journey. I bought a few new things from her that I’m sure will help with the retrieval of our friends and then dealing with that asshole Plugg once we get back to the ship.

Session 6 - Rami

Fortunately after that big fight, we were able to get a good nights rest. Once we were up, my eagle eyes came in handy and I was able to spot.

Then we went down a cavern. Arakor snuck ahead and was surprised by a creature who actually could see him! Well, I shot her full of arrows for daring to mess with my friend! Then we found that she had friends. They were lined up well for Surhlock to launch a fireball at them. The others took out a few and I took out the other witch.

From there Arakor scouted ahead and took out a guard on his own. We found a room after that with some cool stuff.

Further ahead we came to an enormous cavern. In it there were some Cave Trolls, and Arakor talked them out of attacking us. He made some kind of deal with them and they helped with some plants that would have attacked us.

Last, we came to a room with enormous scorpions and some archers of some sort. The scorpions fell to Arakor and the others. Surhlock blocked off one archer while I took on the other one. Damn, but she was hard to hit. I was worried, but the others were able to start to help, so we took down the last of the archers.

Afterwards an old crone came up and was a travelling merchant with a house called “Tardis” I think. It was bigger on the inside than the outside.

Session 6 - Suhrlock

The night passed uneventfully, thankfully. The next morning we took a look around the room and Rami noticed a hidden lock mechanism that seemed to work on the large door. Rami also noticed one of the most peculiar things, an itsy bitsy tiny cave mite. So small but I could swear that he was cussing us out. And I am not even sure why. Well, we didn’t want to mess with him and let him go.

Proceeding down the hallway we ran into a few of the pirates who seem to inhabit this cave. Fortunately their lookouts were not all that great and their attacks were uncoordinated. A few of them were clearly witches like myself. Interesting. Needless to say, without coordinated attacks we slayed them relatively quick and easily. After a few of those battles we made our way into a huge cavern with ceilings too high to see. We heard some voices from up above and eventually made friends with some cave trolls whose lair this used to be before the pirates took it over. They were mostly scared of the pirates but we convinced them to let us pass without a struggle. I think we will rid this place of the pirates, free our friends, and leave it to them. We did have to promise to keep the Sahuagin away.

The cavern next led us to ‘the scorpion room’ as the trolls described it. I sure wish they would have told us it was scorpions AND a couple of nasty archers. Oh, and the scorpions were huge. We buffed up a bit before entering and dove into the fight. The scorpions were really no match for my friends. The archers though hit hard. I defended us from one with a wall of ice. That helped a bit but a few of the guys got hit pretty hard. Merisa was there to keep them standing, and slowly the scorpions fell. Rami kept plunking away archer versus archer. He was winning and once the rest of us helped it was all over. Except for the one that tried to fly away. She simply wasn’t fast enough. Not even close with everyone hasted. She fell. We collected loot. I feel my powers growing stronger and stronger.

Shanora Session 5

Never thought I’d say this, but man I am sick of Pirates. Dumb as rocks sometimes, and really no finesse to their fighting styles. Mercenaries just waiting to be picked off by someone with a bigger purse or bigger sword. So you’d think that going into a cave with giant swarming bugs and venomous creatures would be a welcome relief to the smarminess that comes off the ships, but no. I didn’t find anything entertaining in watching my poisoned friends crumple under the bits of snakes and scorpions.

I know I came out because I wanted adventure, but I suppose what I really wanted upon reflection was a sense of comraderies. I said I would have become a pirate if they had asked politely, but really, I wanted to be a part of something with a bit more honor. I bit more loyalty. As much as I can’t stand big dork head, for a second I at least thought he was loyal the captain as his first mate. Guess not… since he seems to still be on a path to steal his ship to claim as his own, soon after killing us that is. I think his death will come at our hands, and it will not be honorable. But the thing that keeps moving me forward is a small amount of hope to find our friends. There have been clues left around the island that says they were here and they could be alive. I think I wish more and more that perhaps we could find them and perhaps together we will find the comraderies I am looking for, over the despicable details of what life as a pirate has become.

I do enjoy my friends… well, except lizard boy who still refuses to learn our language. I felt bad for him at first, and realized he was all alone with no one of his own kind… but now it’s clear he is willfully not trying to learn our language. How egocentric… you are in our lands now buddy, learn the language! I feel like this must be a common yet insensitive ideology, however, it makes my feelings on the subject no less my truth.

Session 5 - Arakor

Wow, those sahaugin have some really neat marketplace items. I got a handful and almost bankrupted myself they were so cool! But, after some shopping it’s time to get down to business and look for our friends in the cave. Luckily for us some sort of scouting party had gone on before us and luckily, before the last one died, had gotten away a message on what they encountered so we were able to somewhat prepare. Seemed like a normal cave on the way in but then we heard some fighting. We didn’t know what to expect so I sneaked up at first to see and what do I see? Some more of those military bastards but they are fighting some spiders so we all move up but let them tire themselves out. Eventually though a captain type guy wallops a spider across the room into the wall. Clearly, this fight is turning so time to even the odds some. I decided to run across the room to take on the captain. He didn’t get a hit on me luckily since he was still a bit preoccupied. Then all of a sudden I see him stiffen up like a board. no movement. so I take my shot and take him out with a coup de grace. It took a little time but we handled the rest of the spiders and the military guys. We continued on into another room and found more swarms which luckily Suhrlock was able to handle mostly. We aren’t the most effective against those damn things. We kept going, roughly following the map when I did a quick scout around the corner and there was another huge friggin’ spider so I sneaked up and just sliced and diced it in one shot. After that we kept going and came to someplace with 2 ways to go. We heard something from the left so we went that way. It was really dark but eventually we could make out some cave scorpions who had collars around their neck so they must have been partially domesticated or something at SOME point so I thought I’d try my hand at trying to calm them and I’ll be damned if it didn’t work! We at least got them to be friendly and stay where they were. we may have to eradicate them on the way back but that’s just one less issue along the way currently. We eventually get to a big room that has a gigantic spider in it who seems to be laying SWARMS of spiders. I had to make a few poison saves but eventually we beat it down and stomped out the rest of the swarms although we may need a break sometime soon. I think Suhrlock is running low on spells.

Session 5 - Rami

After quite the shopping trip, the sahaguins led us to the cave we were seeking. Luckily for us, we had some intel about what was inside so we had done so prep work. We went into the cave and found some of the soldiers that attacked before fighting spiders. We were content to let the two sides finish each other off, when another captain freed himself of a spider and that got Arakor’s attention. We finished it off without too much trouble.

Next, we ran into some swarms, and those things are trouble. We just don’t have much beyond Shurlock who can damage them…

In the next hallway, we ran into some cave scorpions. Arakor was feeling inspired, so he befriended them so we didn’t have to fight.

As we next walked along, Joki attacked the floor…. Shurlock said he was dancing, but I suspect a stroke. Guess we’ll find out eventually.

We then came to a room with a big demon spider and some underling spiders. It was a tough fight, but we prevailed.

Session 5 - Suhrlock

Time to enter the cave to go look for our friends. Before entering we were given some intel delivered from the failed scouting party that preceded us. Let’s hope we have better luck than them.

It doesn’t take long for us to run into trouble. We quickly come across a few of the military thugs fighting some spiders. It is a mixed battle but we show no quarter to either side and wipe them all out. The commander is conveniently taken out by Merisa’s paralysis and Arakor finishes him off. I learn that my spells are quite useful against the swarms of bugs in this place.

We don’t make it far before we come across more spiders. More swarms. Scorpions, which Arakor befriends. And then perhaps the source of so much angst. We enter a huge room with an even bigger spider in the middle. She has a few smaller friends. She keeps spitting out swarms of spiders. My Eidolon takes a bit of a beating. I am running low on spells. But again we prevail. It is late and time to rest. Tomorrow there is a door to open, and judging from the diary given to us it may be the point of no return.


We found this wonderful little city behind a dam. It seemed it was going to be simple until we realized the Shaharan were actually having issues with the dam, because the dam wasn’t a dam at all but a fallen golem. This was multi purpose when they asked us to move it, because we erected it in the hopes it would keep the bazillion other ships at bay rather than docking while we are here. We had some other ship show up already before we got the thing up, we had to kick their ass. But there was a broken ship there that really seemed to piss off Arakor for some reason. Must suck to have a history.

GM - Sahuagin Information about Riptide Cove

Click here for the Map

Tomorrow, Anivia, Ripjaw, Fizz, and I are all going into Riptide Cove. I am uneasy as the regular scouts never returned from their trip. Still, it needs to be done. Best get some sleep.

- Yorick

We found the remains of the scouts. They look to have been torn up pretty badly. Body parts and limbs are missing. These bats we came across could have never done this. Still, Anivia performed her consecrations and we left knowing their souls were at least put to rest. What we did find was an odd word written in blood… “Redd”

That was a really large spider. I’m glad it was sleeping, although I am not sure it will be for long. I hope we don’t wake it when we leave this pla

Last entry was interrupted by some swarms of Botflies… They were nasty, but they didn’t like my fire too much. Still, we caused a ruckus and quickly had to run for it through the door before that Spider caught us. Oddly, the door we came through is crafted. As soon as we went through it, the darn thing locked automatically. There is a way to unlock it from this side, but I didn’t see how the scouts did it.

Someone seems to be living down here that knows woodworking…

Well, I guess Fizz didn’t completely get by unscathed… The spider got him before we could make it through the door. Some kind of poison. We are setting up camp tonight to see if Anivia can remove it tomorrow. Nothing more we can do for him tonight except make him comfortable.

Fizz is dead… Seems the poison stopped his heart last night. Anivia can do nothing more, she has not been trained in the art of resurrection. I hope none of us come across anymore traps. Fizz has always been good at detecting them. Looks like my summoning spells will be good for today.

Ripjaw is not taking the death of Fizz well. They were always close… He is extremely angry. Well, he has always been angry, and that usually fuels him in fights, but recently he has been letting his anger go beyond normal. We came across a Witch in here, but before she could even shriek Ripjaw tore her apart… literally… The blood won’t come off my robes either.

Anivia is down, but not dead yet. We were ambushed. By what, I am not sure. They were ugly, humanoid, and about 6 feet tall. Yellow eyes, leathery skin of black and grey, and long upright ears. Their claws tore through her when they dropped from the ceiling. They were extremely fast. Ripjaw was able to chase them off but is also badly injured. There seems to be some coves in here where we can take shelter. We covered the entrance as best we could while getting Anivia to drink a potion. I hope she lasts the night.

Anivia is up again, and tending to Ripjaws wounds. We were lucky, but I fear we should turn back and hope to get out of here alive. Ripjaw disagrees, and says we should push forward. We have come too far to back out now, and I will admit he is probably right.

We came to a square-ish room with a wooden floor. Seems like it was taken directly from a ship and pieced back together in here. Nothing of use that we could find, but we are not searching very hard as we hear someone coming.

We were able to spy on the creatures that came through with my trusty sidekick over here. They seem to be alerted to our presence in the cove, but I don’t think they know we are here. One of them is carrying a very large club, and must be over 18 feet tall, the other is about 4 feet tall and flipping some knives around rather easily. We avoid them as they go toward the direction we came from. Definitely not turning back now.

We continue forward and run into no-one… Which is weird, because I really get the feeling someone is watching us. Must just be me.

More crafted flooring and a lot of barrels down here. Multiple exits and rooms are here as well, and a lot of people. Anivia and I are hiding around the stacks of barrels in here. They seem to be full of food and other mundane items. Nothing really worth going through…

Oh no, they have dogs. We won’t be able to hide for long.

Well, I was right. No sooner had my last entry completed, we were found. I summoned all I could, and we fought hard, but Ripjaw and Anivia are dead… I lost my leg in the process and it’s only a matter of time before they find me down here in this hole. I’m not even sure why this hole is down here. I crawled until I fell, but I landed on something. I am not even sure why the pain is going away. I can hardly feel where my missing leg was. I probably don’t have enough blood to feel pain anymore. This is my last entry. My parrot will deliver this message to the town and hopefully they will seal this place up… I am labeling my map as best I can, and since some of these things are wearing tricorn hats, I may as well label them as I would a ship…

Somethings moving down here… under me… I am sending my parrot away now. I fear these are my last moments. Hopefully he makes it out with my map and these notes.


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