Black Flags

Rami's Backstory

I was born on a ship, that’s supposed to mean something, or it does to the old timers. They say it means the Pirate Goddess favors me. Well, I guess that could be true, I’ve always felt at home on the ships and never quite so fresh on land.

Back to my birth. My mother was a passenger on a ship that was attacked by pirates. During the attack she was giving birth to me, and it wasn’t until I was born that the pirates stormed into the room and found her dying from blood loss. She said my name and then passed on. Being a superstitious lot, they decided to take me and take care of me. They said I was their good luck charm and I was raised on the ships. No one knows who my mother’s people are, but they were something unusual because I’ve always been able to see in the dark, see when people are sneaking up on me and have feathers in my hair. I’m told this makes me an aasimar, and people seem to expect kindness from me because of it. Sometimes I will, but I offer no guarantees for my friends or if loot is involved. I’ve asked people from time to time about my name, but no one has ever heard anything like it. I was told by one old crone that it was from a dead language, but I’m not sure what that means.

Otherwise there isn’t much to say. I’m the best damn archer that you’ll ever see. I can shoot the eye off of a gnat on the other side of a moving ship. And my sharp eyes mean that few can spot something that I can’t.

One day a strange man who claimed to be a priest of the Pirate Goddess crossed my path and told me that my fate would be found in Port Peril, in a bar called the Formidably Maid. I changed ship crews a few times to make it to the dump, and have been sitting here waiting ever since. If that geezer sent me on a goose chase, I’ll gut him when I next see him. Well, while I’m here I might as well have some drinks and find a pretty looking man to entertain.


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