Black Flags

Session 5 - Suhrlock

Time to enter the cave to go look for our friends. Before entering we were given some intel delivered from the failed scouting party that preceded us. Let’s hope we have better luck than them.

It doesn’t take long for us to run into trouble. We quickly come across a few of the military thugs fighting some spiders. It is a mixed battle but we show no quarter to either side and wipe them all out. The commander is conveniently taken out by Merisa’s paralysis and Arakor finishes him off. I learn that my spells are quite useful against the swarms of bugs in this place.

We don’t make it far before we come across more spiders. More swarms. Scorpions, which Arakor befriends. And then perhaps the source of so much angst. We enter a huge room with an even bigger spider in the middle. She has a few smaller friends. She keeps spitting out swarms of spiders. My Eidolon takes a bit of a beating. I am running low on spells. But again we prevail. It is late and time to rest. Tomorrow there is a door to open, and judging from the diary given to us it may be the point of no return.


We found this wonderful little city behind a dam. It seemed it was going to be simple until we realized the Shaharan were actually having issues with the dam, because the dam wasn’t a dam at all but a fallen golem. This was multi purpose when they asked us to move it, because we erected it in the hopes it would keep the bazillion other ships at bay rather than docking while we are here. We had some other ship show up already before we got the thing up, we had to kick their ass. But there was a broken ship there that really seemed to piss off Arakor for some reason. Must suck to have a history.

GM - Sahuagin Information about Riptide Cove

Click here for the Map

Tomorrow, Anivia, Ripjaw, Fizz, and I are all going into Riptide Cove. I am uneasy as the regular scouts never returned from their trip. Still, it needs to be done. Best get some sleep.

- Yorick

We found the remains of the scouts. They look to have been torn up pretty badly. Body parts and limbs are missing. These bats we came across could have never done this. Still, Anivia performed her consecrations and we left knowing their souls were at least put to rest. What we did find was an odd word written in blood… “Redd”

That was a really large spider. I’m glad it was sleeping, although I am not sure it will be for long. I hope we don’t wake it when we leave this pla

Last entry was interrupted by some swarms of Botflies… They were nasty, but they didn’t like my fire too much. Still, we caused a ruckus and quickly had to run for it through the door before that Spider caught us. Oddly, the door we came through is crafted. As soon as we went through it, the darn thing locked automatically. There is a way to unlock it from this side, but I didn’t see how the scouts did it.

Someone seems to be living down here that knows woodworking…

Well, I guess Fizz didn’t completely get by unscathed… The spider got him before we could make it through the door. Some kind of poison. We are setting up camp tonight to see if Anivia can remove it tomorrow. Nothing more we can do for him tonight except make him comfortable.

Fizz is dead… Seems the poison stopped his heart last night. Anivia can do nothing more, she has not been trained in the art of resurrection. I hope none of us come across anymore traps. Fizz has always been good at detecting them. Looks like my summoning spells will be good for today.

Ripjaw is not taking the death of Fizz well. They were always close… He is extremely angry. Well, he has always been angry, and that usually fuels him in fights, but recently he has been letting his anger go beyond normal. We came across a Witch in here, but before she could even shriek Ripjaw tore her apart… literally… The blood won’t come off my robes either.

Anivia is down, but not dead yet. We were ambushed. By what, I am not sure. They were ugly, humanoid, and about 6 feet tall. Yellow eyes, leathery skin of black and grey, and long upright ears. Their claws tore through her when they dropped from the ceiling. They were extremely fast. Ripjaw was able to chase them off but is also badly injured. There seems to be some coves in here where we can take shelter. We covered the entrance as best we could while getting Anivia to drink a potion. I hope she lasts the night.

Anivia is up again, and tending to Ripjaws wounds. We were lucky, but I fear we should turn back and hope to get out of here alive. Ripjaw disagrees, and says we should push forward. We have come too far to back out now, and I will admit he is probably right.

We came to a square-ish room with a wooden floor. Seems like it was taken directly from a ship and pieced back together in here. Nothing of use that we could find, but we are not searching very hard as we hear someone coming.

We were able to spy on the creatures that came through with my trusty sidekick over here. They seem to be alerted to our presence in the cove, but I don’t think they know we are here. One of them is carrying a very large club, and must be over 18 feet tall, the other is about 4 feet tall and flipping some knives around rather easily. We avoid them as they go toward the direction we came from. Definitely not turning back now.

We continue forward and run into no-one… Which is weird, because I really get the feeling someone is watching us. Must just be me.

More crafted flooring and a lot of barrels down here. Multiple exits and rooms are here as well, and a lot of people. Anivia and I are hiding around the stacks of barrels in here. They seem to be full of food and other mundane items. Nothing really worth going through…

Oh no, they have dogs. We won’t be able to hide for long.

Well, I was right. No sooner had my last entry completed, we were found. I summoned all I could, and we fought hard, but Ripjaw and Anivia are dead… I lost my leg in the process and it’s only a matter of time before they find me down here in this hole. I’m not even sure why this hole is down here. I crawled until I fell, but I landed on something. I am not even sure why the pain is going away. I can hardly feel where my missing leg was. I probably don’t have enough blood to feel pain anymore. This is my last entry. My parrot will deliver this message to the town and hopefully they will seal this place up… I am labeling my map as best I can, and since some of these things are wearing tricorn hats, I may as well label them as I would a ship…

Somethings moving down here… under me… I am sending my parrot away now. I fear these are my last moments. Hopefully he makes it out with my map and these notes.

Session 4 - Suhrlock

We woke the next morning and proceeded to head inland to find our friends. We made our way through the woods mostly uneventfully until we came to a small river. In one direction it headed towards the shore. In the other it headed upriver to a cave. Where better to search? But we were surprised when two large trees attacked us for seemingly no reason. For some reason I felt it unnecessary to kill such interesting things. But I did haste my friends who took them out quite quickly. But Joka… the guy is just all bash and crash. Instead of slicing the last one down he punched and beat on it until it fell – and knocked over a nest of giant cobras. Something else to kill, but without much fanfare.

We entered the cave and just a little ways back realized that the river was being blocked by some huge adamantine wall. We ran out of ways to do anything about it so we went searching for the other side. Well that turned out to be rather easy. A trail led to the top of the mountain where we found a submerged river, and a bunch of lizard-like humanoids swimming in the water. It turns out they are friendly and wanted help moving a giant adamantine construct (what we saw from below) that had fallen and blocked the river, which in turn was depriving their port city of water.

We needed to rest to change spells and recover, but before we got to tackle the construct problem an alarm sounded from far away at the port. We hurried down to help our new friends and saw a military ship docked there for repairs. Something about that infuriated Arakor and off we were to slay some midshipmen. it turns out that it was a tough battle. They didn’t go down easily and their captain knocked out Rami. We revived him just in time and my Glitterdust made his invisibility a whole lot less effective. And soon they were down, our friends were happy, and we looted them and their little boat.

Finally it was time to go back and move the construct. We figure it is going to be worth more than a pretty penny or even a pretty platinum. But first we just allowed our friends to put it up as a guardian to their port. We still need to find our friends.

Session 4 - Rami

I finally escaped Mr. Plug and joined the others on the island. We camped out and then started tracking our captured friends. Then some trees attacked us! WelSnd went into the cave.

The cave was plugged by some adamantine thing. We traveled around to the top of the hill and found a village that was flooded by the hole that was plugged by the adamantine thing. Some things came up and asked us to move the adamantine thing. So, we agreed. Well, at least for the next morning.

Before that an alarm went off and we went to take care of the invaders. The smaller guys weren’t too much of a problem, but the larger guy disappeared and then attacked me. I went down, but the others brought me back.

We then took care of the adamantine thing and propped it up to scare off the ship that was coming.

Shenora session 3

Life has been getting harder and easier at the same time. The more allies we fold into our crew, the more we are visited with the cat of nine tails. I have to admit I have a true hatred of mr. Plug. It’s a generous hatred that makes me think clearly I was put on earth to help plot his death. He’s powerful as the captains right hand, but we have been unfortunate enough to become his crew to take the overrun ship to strip and sell. We uncovered that Plug most likely has plans to actually recover and disguise the ship and keep it as his own. The problem with that is, as soon as we are unnecessary to crew the ship, our deaths are slated. Tow of our friends have already been taken overboard and we were prevented from saving them, obviously less disposal for him in a few days. He needs to die before we do.

Currently however we are off course from our off course because he’s an idiot like that, running us up on a coral reef. We are tasked with making camp but they are clearly sizing us up. I refused to use my steel and they clearly at.e thinking I’m an underpowered archer. Surprises will be unveiled when it’s Remmy who is the archer and I pierce them to pieces.

Session 3 - Joka

So we won the fight on the ship. As a prize for being such good little boys, girls and monsters, he transformed some of our equipment into tattoos. Because if there’s one thing that shows up on scales well, it’s a tattoo.

So the plan was set. As you can imagine, we weren’t exactly consulted on this particular matter. We were to sail with Plugg and others to some port in the north that I’ve never been to and sell of the ship. Luckily, most of the ship was friends of ours, even if they so rudely refuse to learn a language worth knowing. Though the disgusting Orc was determined to speak with me at all junctures. I must find a way to let her down softly so she doesn’t try to rip my head off. I’d hate to kill someone I don’t have to. She can learn something but the supposedly smarter ones refuse. Go figure.

But that’s beyond the point. We sail for a few days until the smarter ones determine we aren’t heading for the port as planned. It appears as though we are determined to head south, towards a port that would allow Mr. Plugg to refit the ship so it’s unrecognizable. I also think he wants to kill us in our sleep.

So the morons in charge decided to continue sailing during a storm. This results in us losing two of our friends, one of whom was the cleric. I’m afraid my promise to not eat her will be fulfilled much sooner then anticipated. The result of this particular venture sees us stuck upon a reef with a damaged ship. And surprise, we are the ones assigned to clear the beach. Too much work for our illustrious leader.

As a random aside, I wish to see Mr Plugg forced to integrate in my tribe for one month. Nothing long. I’d love to see him in a setting where he can’t just whip those who annoy him. I’d suspect he’d become child food within the week. This is a happy thought to me.

But back to the main story. So we are assigned to clear the beach. An interesting task if nothing else, for sure. Several cats, basilisks, another drake. Rather large crabs. Luckily they don’t all immediately attack us. The others cleared them out. My particular task lay elsewhere.

Our young healer, clearly tantalizing and pretty by warm blooded standards, seemed to attract particular attention from a rather large crocodile. The goal of that’s death seemingly fell to me. You could say I rescued the damsel in distress literally from the jaws of death. Rather poetic if I do say so myself.

So the thing decided I looked like a better meal. And we fought. It had me in it’s mouth several times, though I would not roll with it. I began clawing and biting my way through scales not unlike my own. It also turned out to be big enough to not care that I was holding it most of the time. Eventually I killed it though. After the others cleared the remainder of the beach, we discovered that the watching officers wanted us to do more. Who would’ve thought? And so we travel in farther, hopefully finding someone alive and not bodies. I do think I’ll eat the other one though, if we do find him dead. It only seems appropriate.

Session 3 - Arakor

Well, it was a very odd feeling to have my items seemingly liquefy and become tattoos, although it does have a freeing effect. That Captain is quite the mystery. But, at least he liked what we did against the other ship and decided to have us accompany Plugg to take it in to be sold as scrap. No captain around means Plugg will finally get his due. And sooner rather than later because as we sailed on, I came to notice that we were WAY off course. We wer enot sailing towards the scrapyard but towards another place where they retrofit ships to not be noticeable. Clearly Plugg has his own plans. I’m thinking we steal those plans. Take him out and take over whatever it is he’s having done to the ship. and hopefully already prepaid. Else we just take the ship to the scrapyard, take a cut and leave the rest in the captains name so we dont’ get on his bad side. Unlucky for us though, Plugg has retards at the helm because we got caught in a storm and crashed in some shallows. We lost Sandara and another of our allies in the storm as well. Which kinda sucks because she seemed to be a decent cleric that could have been used on this new ship. Anyways, Plugg assigned us to clear the beach. what he neglected to mention was what as ON the beach to be cleared…a sea drake, dire alligator…dire gorillas…basilisks….dire crabs….dire lions….luckily we were able to take most of them out one group at a time…or let the bigger ones like the alligator and sea drake take some of them out. Some of us did take some serious hits but we all survived. Now to bide some time until Plug meets his end at the tip of a blade…

Session 3 - Suhrlock

The captain was quite pleased with our efforts to help secure the new ship. He even channeled some of our magic items into awesome tattoos, but I loathe the colorful decorations that some of my party members chose to adorn their bodies with. I am most proud of the steely scales that now adorn my back providing me with extra protection. He also provided us with some nice magic items and showed each of us how to better use our powers. I think I grasped two new spells that he was able to teach me. I learned how to change my voice to sound like others and how to create points of darkness to help me hide in the shadows. Very nice.

Our mission was then given to us: accompany Plug to take the Human’s Promise to port and sell it. We were put on board with some of that idiots henchmen but also a few of our own friends. A day or two into the job a couple of the guys realize that we are not heading in the right direction. They surmise we are heading to a different port to disguise the ship and take it for Mr. Plug. We all know that ain’t gonna happen and we come up with a plan to kill him and his friends and take the ship for our own. But before that can happen, we are hit with a storm and attacked my some serpents. We fight them off but with no help from the others. Rami is strangely absent up in his crows nest as well. Nonetheless we are victorious. Then we are attacked by a bunch of little jerks. Well, they weren’t much to worry about for us but they kidnapped a couple of our friends. Plug ain’t too worried about getting them back but then fool managed to get strayed off course and beached on some reefs. We are sent out to clear the beach and find some wood.

Unfortunately for us the storm has washed a lot of stuff on shore and it is literally crawling with things in our way. It looks like too much to start a massive melee so we start to take them out group by group without making too much of a fuss. It seems that the guys think my cool spells with cause a fuss so I mostly just hang back while the archers go to town. But soon enough it degenerates into a mess and I go to work. My Eidolon goes down from one of the basilisks. Nasty beasts but we eventually prevail anyway. I have a feeling when I bring him back he will have grown and be more powerful than ever….

Session 2 - Arakor

Well, the past few days have been most eventful. First, while we got Plug to kill of another officer who wasn’t really on our side. or anyone’s side I don’t think but hey, one less to deal with. We did make a couple new friends though. First was one chick who wanted her lute back. That was a pretty easy thing to do once we threw Joka at the orc again and got her drunk beforehand. We actually had our run of the place until Plug showed up right as we were closing the doors. the next one was a little more tricky. some guy just wanted his sentimental dagger back. unfortunately for us, it was an ornate dagger that had already been purchased…by none other than King Dick himself, Plug. BUT, we had a plan because he wasn’t actually using it. He saw it as ornamental as well because he kept it displayed in his room. We also came to find out that the little guy who wanted it back is also a gemologist so he helped us getting all the right stuff to make a duplicate look like the real thing from some fake jewel that was very similar. Some disguise self was used by Suhrlock which seemed to work since nobody seemed to suspect anything. Then in the middle of the night we were attacked by some elves who appeared out of nowhere. For some reason they infiltrated pretty deep because we ran to the topdeck and nobody was there except us and someone manning the ballistae. It took a little while but we eventually took care of them as well as sinking some other boats that carried more people came closer to boarding. some did get on board but most got torn apart by sharks after Rami dealt enough damage to make them bleed around the school of sharks that was circling. We dealt with that just to have some sort of water troll like thing also attack us in a weakened state but we managed to fend them off and secure a much smaller ship that we can probably use as an escape ship for the Wormwood. After dealing with that and a few days to recover while the captain chased down the ship that attacked us(not sure how he did that by the way), it was our turn but this time we were prepared. and this time I went right for the mage and cleric. The other ones on the boarding party that attacked us were a pain in the ass to deal with. not this time. A spell or two and me going invisible for a stabbing session took care of them. after that it was some wiping out of more barbarians and archers. Now, there are 2 boats and apparently Plugg will be leading the bigger one back to a port to sell. This may be the chance we need to be able to kill his ass. He may treat us like shit but he treats alot of others that way too so hopefully the Captain will choose the crew for the other ship and we’ll get some allies there with us and become our own ship and where everyone likes everyone else and nobody is treated like crap so it runs smoothly…


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