Black Flags

Session 19 - Surhlock

Before we made our way to the fourth flower/island, we noticed Blackbeard’s ship out to sea fighting of something that we couldn’t see. A few See Invisibility spells later and Shenora and I could tell that they were battling a whole horde of Grim Reapers. By the judge of it we weren’t going to be much help so we continued on our way to the fourth island. There, we met a mutilated body but amazingly she was still alive. Maverick was too busy feeling her up so I healed her up enough to proceed. She said they were stranded on these islands and that her husband had been taken by an invisible fiend. It was close to night so we made our way to the center of the island, hid the log pose so they could recalibrate, and the next day we followed the trail using a new spell by Arakor that let him track flying creatures. It led to the next island where Blackbeard and his friends were still battling the reapers although it seemed they were winning. This last island was dead, destroyed by the presence of the reapers. We followed the log pose again to the middle of the island where we ran into Blackbeard and his friends. As soon as they saw us though, they blasted the crap out of the people we found. Apparently they were reapers disguised as innocent people. Oops. no hard no foul I suppose and Blackbeard didn’t seem to mad about it. Actually, they were Marked for Death and by killing those last two the marks were removed. Maybe he owes us now? Nah, probably not.

We did learn from Blackbeard that Mr. Plugg was already at Aqueduct 8 which was just over the horizon. So we set sail and sure enough arrived before long. It was an amazing place, a mountain of concrete with water flowing everywhere. A few of the ship berths were just enormous. We chose a more normal one and made our way, on a super-speedy seahorse water taxi, to the main castle at the top of the hill. There the most massive of gates was easily manhandled by just a guy. Just a guy on tattoo steroids. And he wasn’t the only one. The entire shipbuilding enterprise was made up of juiced up, speedy, super builders. An impressive sight. I went to the cashier and paid the remaining dues on our ship, and they started building immediately. Within an hour the keel was laid but they said it would take another couple of days to finish. Time to explore.

Selling our stuff wasn’t so great. These guys weren’t as impressed with our loot as most places so we decided to hold off for a better deal later. I mean, we all have some jingle in our pockets so I guess it is fine but I really would like to buy another metamagic rod or two. Anyway, we then made our way underneath the shops to find a Colosseum with Plugg and three of his buddies claiming victory. Victory that will ultimately lead to Greed. We can’t have that so we joined the competition and soon found ourselves lined up for battle. The floor of the arena was filled with about ten squads just like ours. A free for all. We buff up. I summon a handful of Cerebi to help, and then it is on. We go after the first group in a nearby corner with Arakor and Shenora slashing them up. Shatral goes in but gets cut up good, a recurring theme. I ended up spending more time than usual keeping him alive. Maverick helped with his channels, except when he was busy flying off going 1v1 against a druid dragon. A team of anti-paladins just settles into the center of the field coaxing and cheering. They look like they’ll be a handful but that is for another day. I charm one of the others to come to our side. I put two more to sleep. The hounds take their punches and Shatral limps through. Eventually we prevail though, just us and the anti-paladins remain. Tomorrow we face off against them. We’ll be ready, because Arakor is getting greedy.


DustinLappert jkiddy

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