Black Flags

Session 18 - Surhlock

Managing three islands and the Brown Star is getting to be more than just a distraction. We might soon need to hire a reliable quartermaster. But while I am thinking that to myself the others are entertaining the idea of declaring ourselves a full fledged nation. I am a bit leery about drawing too much attention to ourselves, especially before we get to Aquaduct 8 but what the heck.

We still had a few weeks before the log pose settled down so we focused on selling our loot. With the new cash we have built up our reserves high enough to buy the new ship. And it left some coin in our pocket for shopping. I used almost all of mine on Gauntlets of the Weaponmaster to help switch between my various metamagic rods.

Eventually the log pose says to go southwest into the sweltering heat of the open sea. The crew was even forced to row for a bit (I am sure the real people greatly appreciated my unseen crew). Soon enough we can to give giant flower islands. We vaguely remembered the stories about the log pose needing to get settled on each of them. We would have to inland.

The first island was full of sated and fat dinosaurs and other fauna. And one unlucky dead guy. We followed the log pose to the center of the island and set up camp. That night the damn flower tried to eat us. Well we were all to quick for a huge plant to catch us but many of the fat animals were not. Unfortunately some huge gorillas were quick too and attached as we were standing in the branches. Two of them focused on me grabbing me. But the first got quite a surprise from my armor and cloak zapping them. Then I teleported out of their grasp and unloaded with some spells. Within a few seconds two were dead and the other two took off. We were a bit more careful when it happened the next night.

Island number two was really dense. I sent Shatral home. He just couldn’t keep up. This time we found the log poses spot and started cleaning some land when we were attacked by some huge vines. I recalled that these things had nasty pollen which we couldn’t tell from Mavericks life bubble and that they were slowed dramatically by cold. So I used a widened cone of cold right into them and my friends knowing that they would get out of the way. Then they unloaded on them and finished the vines off quickly.

Island three had a large pit with all of the animals and plant life dead leading up to it. Arakor scouted ahead and reported that there were more vines and a bunch of dead bodies including a huge T Rex that was being controlled my the plants. I widened a fireball into the mass of dead things but wasn’t able to finish them off. But seconds later we can tell that the dinosaur healed itself by pulling life from around it. We needed to all unload on it at the same time. So we did, to great effect. All of us slashing, biting, and fireballing until it was dead.

And then amazingly we find Tennaris – Envy. Gavirick tell Shenora that he is fond of casters so he comes to my possession. It turns out that Tennaris is quite nice and is quite useful. He replaces my new gauntlets with even greater powers. Awesome.


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