Black Flags

Session 18- Shenora

Now that we have our own gold mine, dinner conversation has gotten interesting. Suddenly instead of talking routes and bounties, we are talking declaring our own nation. We have the means to do this is which is pretty amazing, but after all was said and done… if we fail we aren’t out anything. Harrigan thought is was a good idea. He’s really is such a sweet doll, but don’t let him hear me say it… he might spank me. In second thought, I might tell him myself.
Suddenly Plunderhaven popped up. For a ship of pirates that are about to form our own country, our bounty is only $600K. We can only spend $6k. Assholes, don’t they know who we are going to be? Harrigan didn’t seem to have that kind of cap on his shopping. I thought for a moment he was going to buy me a trinket. Perhaps we aren’t there yet. That is… if he can keep my interest. Honestly, until he propositioned me, I had no idea he even had any interest in me. I can now attest that he does have quite a few tricks up his sleeve, and perhaps I don’t mind being one of them.
After a few weeks of shopping, Harrigan and I said our polite goodbyes, and we were off to follow the log pose SW. The climate is changing, and making the air thick. It was about four days of sticky hot, when we saw the big island sized flowers, and that’s exactly where the log pose is telling us to go. Turns out the island is Arbores Vivere O’ Insulam. We know this because we stumbled upon a dead guy with a map he was drawing of these islands, who had met with some type of hungry prehistoric carnivore. In fact, everything around here grows like crazy and all the animals seem fat. Something about this place is very fertile. However in the night, the island tried to eat us. As we avoided falling into the hungry mouth as the petals of the island folded into itself and ate all the slower fatter animals. Then we were left staring at some of the more hungry monkeys who fought us through the trees, but eventually knocked them off. We managed to fashion some rope hammocks that made sleeping more comfortable, and after a couple of days the log pose let us know it was time to move to the next island. Maverick really seemed to like the berries, and suddenly we learned how the animals get so fat.
A few days later we went to the largest island, and found a big vine pit full of yellow zombies. I was surprised Garvok didn’t say anything, because in the pit we found Tenneris- Envy who has a fondness for zombies and metamagic rods. She seemed to have taken a liking to Shurlock. Turns out Tenneris is kinda stuck up, so Garvok said, but they are all family so it’s like some weird club in morning detention having breakfast together. We know where Pride and Gluttony are, and we don’t know where Lust is, she’s not answering, probably too busy. Greed however is north of us which seems to be the direction the log pose is pointing.


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