Black Flags

Session 18 - Maverick

Hmm, I suppose I should regale with some tales of adventure on the high seas. I could say there was an island made of gigantic flowers which decide to make you a meal as the moon rises above the clouds.

OR I could tell you about this wondrous city that floats among those clouds. A miracle among the deadly and unforgiving waters of the line.

Let’s talk about the “free” Captains island, that basis how much you can sell or buy on the amount of bounty that you have earned. A hive of scum and villainy would be much too generous of a description.

OH but wait wait, that’s not as interesting as the concept of going from a charming well spoken leader of a random crew of skallywags and merchantmen to being a charming and well spoken leader of a nation.

((strokes chin as if in deep thought))

Yes, that does sound like an interesting story. Myself and the others have happened upon a boon that could lead us down this road. I keep my words short but meaningful. We, myself and comrades, shall make history among all the free Captains… uniting the willing in a congregation against the tyranny of the so called Military.

Now to come up with a decent name for ourselves.


DustinLappert Lawrence_Burton

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