Black Flags

Session 18 - Arakor

After everything got all settled down, we got down to business. 20 people signed up to join up with us to work the mines. Now to determine what to do. With all this gold, we may end up flooding the market and making it all worthless but we have a better idea…We become a sovereign nation of free captains opposing the tyranny of the military fleet. Yeah! Still, there’s a bunch of stuff we need to do for that but I think it’s the best course. I mean, anything to destroy the corruption of the military and the navy. We don’t need those guys looking over our shoulder at what we do. We kinda legit now what with 3 islands and stuff. Harrigan did show Surhlock how to do the gate thing so we can set it up between the 5 places, once we have 5. I’m thinking we have a high council on this new land of ours if we find more people who are willing to do it. It’ll be a declaration of war but now it’ll be an open declaration. Everyone knows we’re already at war with them. We were able to do some loot selling int he time we had until the log pose was ready for the next location. We actually had enough to give everyone a decent amount of loot and finish up getting the money we needed for the new boat at Aqueduct 8. I can’t wait to see that thing. It better be awesome for 1 million gold. Anyway, while we were gone doing our usual thing at the mines and selling and stuff, the boat was attached a few times. They survived(because we have an awesome crew) although we did have some casualties but we had more join the crew. While Surhlock didn’t think we needed them right now, we’ll definitely need them when we get this new ship so better to take them on now and lessen the load all around for the shifts than to really be thin when we get the new ship. I was able to get some new armor so now I won’t be left out of the loop when we have to fly up somewhere. And I also got a cool little add-on that will allow me to climb when needed too. Doesn’t last long but long enough to get where I need to go I think. I also got a couple new rings and some neat belt that allows me to switch them out as needed, which was nifty.

Eventually, the log pose gets its shit together and points us southwest so we head in that direction. It didn’t start off good though. No wind and just downright hot. Short time spent on deck. We even had to get magical crews to row to keep everyone who needed a break a break. Eventually, we came within sight of islands…or what we thought were islands…But they were gigantic flowers that formed islands. One per island. And the log pose was heading straight for them. Once we established that it wasn’t something behind the island, we anchored and rowed ashore.

Once ashore, it was like a little paradise. With dinosaurs. Fat and happy dinosaurs. Nothing charging us. a T Rex went skipping by and it wasn’t even Leo’s dinosaur and didn’t even take a 2nd look in our direction. SO we headed inland to where the log pose was directing us. We found the spot and decided to hang out not knowing how long it would take until we were redirected to the next island, whichever one it turned out to be. Well, as I wa son watch, the flower started closing on us. We were all able to gather our feet enough to not drop into the flower’s waiting maw. The damn thing tried to eat us. But I’m guessing not just us. Anything that falls in after getting to fat and happy and too slow to react. While we were getting our feet and bearings, some big gorilla looking things tried to attack us. Kill or be killed I guess on this island. They picked the wrong primates to attack. We got our wits about us and we started waling on them. I almost had my guy beat from the way he was getting wobbly until he wraps his big monkey arms around me and tried to squeeze me to death. And just as I was about to escape, one of the monkeys tackled the one grappling me and they tumbled over the edge into the waiting mouth of the flower. Luckily with my quickness I was able to get out of the way and hang on from falling in. After we finished off the rest of the apes, we got a little smarted about things and hung hammocks from the tree so if it opened again during the night, we would just hang like we were in a sling. Think smarter, not harder. The 2nd night we were prepared for the opening of the flower so that night ended up being uneventful luckily so we got some good rest.

On the 3rd day, the log pose settled and pointed us to the next island in line. As we got to the edge of the cliff of this island, the next island was only about 15 feet away and down form us so an easy leap. Or so I thought. I lost my footing just as I was about to make the jump and landed on my face but luckily on the other island. Shenora did a couple somersaults and backflips as she touched down lightly on the island. You win this time, Shenora….

We follow the log pose to the spot as required and clear out an area to settle in while we wait. Apparently, something else was waiting. A bunch of hangry vines. But we knew a thing or two about them and Suhrlock hit them with some cold to slow them down and we handled the rest by chopping it up into little salad pieces, which Suhrlock did a good job of seasoning up.

After waiting the designated amount of time, we were shown the way to island 3. This time, the edge was about the same distance but was up. No acrobaticsing it this time. So Instead, I used my new armor ability(no, not the Fly spell) but the sticking ability to have a climb speed for a bit. So, I made the jump and stuck on the other side like a spider and scrambled up. The rest flew or swung a rope or whatever suited them. We eventually got to the designated spot. I carefully went ahead to check it out this time since it looked like a huge crater or something and if it exploded like the island did when it went up, I could probably have the best shot at getting out of the way quick enough. Well, it was just a crater it looked like with a bunch of dead bodies in it. But with something wriggling around under them. It was then that I noticed that the area around the crate looked like it had been sucked dry of life. That can’t be good. As we see the wriggling vines after I tell them it’s ok to approach, Suhrlock starts laying down cover fire and all of a sudden skedletons/zombies are dying byt he score but the TRex skeleton that wa sin their rears up and seems to heal itself as more of the land is defiled. Meaning it’s healing itself while sucking life from the land around. Not cool man. So we fly up and start dropping fireballs with spells, and stuff(not me, I’m biding my time) when Suhrlock remembers that this particular plant thing send zombies out to spread its seeds so he devises a way to keep them trapped inside the crater. Or most of them anyway. We also figure out that we just have to hit this dinosaur skeleton with everything we’ve got all in one fail swoop. And we did just that. We all came in hard and heavy, spells and strikes divine fire. And by the time it ended, the TRex fell apart, a sword stuck in its chest. But not one of ours. APparently, it was one of the Sins. the one called Envy. Garvok had imparted this information to Shenora as well as the abilities of Envy, known as Tennaris to them. She’s more fond of spellcasters, which rules me out for the most part. Suhrlock seemed particularly pleased once he picked her up though. Now, all I need is Greed so I can kill Plunder and take Gluttony. Unless Green makes a strong bid for it or Greed becomes something I just cannot part with….And now we wait until the next island the log pose directs us too. How long this time?


DustinLappert SilentLucidity

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